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Channel Incentive Program: Why You Need It and Best Ideas for Running a One


Channels are the different ways using which multiple companies sell their products or services. Thus, any business must take care of its channel. However, managing contractors, vendors, resellers, and builders are not that easy. Many companies are switching to channel incentive programs to align and influence their all high-performing channel partners.

Why Do You Need a Channel Incentive Program?

Channels are crucial as more than 78% of the selling and purchase are made through different channels globally. This is clear that if channels are performing great, your business will reach rocket high sales. Henceforth, channel incentive programs aim to create the right return-on-investment. Companies can invest in their channels that provide exemplary returns as compared to consumer marketing or direct sales marketing.

Modern businesses work on strong relationships. Companies can motivate and revitalize their channel partners by introducing special channel incentive programs. This relationship can be used to co-brand the products or services with other vendors. Thus, businesses can lay the foundation of strong business relationships with channel incentive programs.

With so much to offer in its kitty, a channel partner incentive program is crucial for any business. However, it can be overwhelming for many companies to select the best ideas for running them. The following can be considered as some of the proven best practices that can help businesses to get the best out of the channel incentive programs.

• Cashback

Cashback is one of the great methods to appreciate a high-performing channel. You can go for deal registration, sales performance-related cashback. Efficient loyalty program software can further help you track the details of the earnings of each partner.

• Behavior Benchmarking

A loyalty program for channels is beneficial only if it has clear behavior benchmarking. You can start with exceeding sales goals, meeting sales goals, completing the training of the workforce, etc. as major behavior key points. Once the benchmarking is done, it is easy to manage the entire incentives programs on loyalty program software.

• Attainable Reward

Whatever rewards or benchmarking are proposed for the channels, it should be attainable at all times. For example, you can’t expect the channels dealing with consumer durables to perform the same in the covid-19 pandemic like they had been doing before it.

The best idea is to include challenging and profitable rewards that can benefit both parties. The channel incentive program software can help you decide attainable rewards.

• Easy to Understand Incentive Programs

Easy communication is the key to understanding channels and companies. This two-way communication is necessary and can be managed with an easy to understand channel incentive program. Businesses can take the help of software to create easy-to-understand incentive programs.

• Efficient Tracking of Point of Sale Data

Data is the king and when it comes to sales data, it is nothing less precious than a diamond to a lady. Thus, companies can employ channel incentive program software to track the point of sale (POS) data. It further helps to release rewards as soon as the targets are attained.

• Time Management of Incentive Programs

Late appreciation or credit of rewards doesn’t work well with partners as they’re dealing with different companies. Big companies suffer the benefit of the doubt in handling multiple channels. Thus, channel incentive program software can help businesses manage their incentive programs accurately and timely. This software helps companies to track the channel rewards without any error.

• Promotion of Channel Incentive Programs

Once any business is ready with a detailed channel incentive program, it is time to spread the word in the market. Just like companies invest their money and hard work in other marketing strategies, it is crucial to invest in the promotion of channel incentive programs.

This promotion helps companies to get associated with serious and highly interested channel partners. Thus, there is no doubt over their dedication and commitment towards your business proposals.

• Partner with Channel Incentive Program Software

All the above-mentioned ideas are best realized by partnering with a simple, affordable, and effective channel incentive program software. From managing different channels’ performance to releasing their rewards, the multiple integrations of this software fasten the entire process.

The inclusion of automation in the channel incentive program helps businesses to combat human errors. Companies can select from different channel incentive programs.

Wrapping Up

Who doesn’t want to be appreciated? Businesses can re-energize their partners with straightforward and effective channel incentive programs. Going for the latest trends in these incentive programs ensures that you’re on the right track.

It is great to invest in the loyalty program software solution that manages multiple channels like vendors, contractors, dealers, etc., under one roof. You can leverage the benefits of automation in channel incentive programs to hit the bull’s eye.

About the Author:

Rakshit Hirapara is a professional content marketer at LoyaltyXpert. He holds spectacular skills in loyalty programs, customer retention, loyalty marketing, digital marketing and many more. He has been featured on major publications like Hyken,, and a few more. Connect with him on Twitter here and connect on LinkedIn.


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