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LTE in Middle East

LTE in Iraq

Iraq Middle EastOperatorHSPAHSPA+  LTE in ServiceLTE Band IraqSanaTelPlanned    IraqAsiacellPlanned    IraqKorek TelecomPlanned    IraqMaxyTel   PlannedLTE-TDDIraqRegional Telecom / Fastlink   In Service June 2013LTE-2600IraqZain IraqPlanned    

LTE in Jordan

Jordan Middle EastOperatorHSPAHSPA+  LTE in ServiceLTE Band JordanOrange JordanIn ServiceMar-1121MbpsPlanned 2014 JordanUmniahIn ServiceJun-1242MbpsTrials Complete JordanZain JordanIn ServiceMar-1121MbpsPlanned 2015LTE-2600

LTE in Kuwait

Kuwait Middle EastOperatorHSPAHSPA+  LTE in ServiceLTE Band KuwaitVIVA / KTCIn ServiceSep-0942MbpsIn Service Dec 2011LTE-1800, LTE-Adv. TrialKuwaitWataniya TelecomIn Service  In Service July 2013LTE-1800KuwaitZainIn ServiceAug-0921MbpsIn Service Nov 2012LTE-1800

LTE in Lebanon

Lebanon Middle EastOperatorHSPA HSPA+  LTE in ServiceLTE Band  LebanonAlfa TelecomIn ServiceOct-1221MbpsIn Service May 2013LTE-800, 2600LebanonLibanCell/MTC TouchIn ServiceSep-1121MbpsIn Service May 2013LTE-800, 1800

LTE in Oman

Oman Middle EastOperatorHSPA HSPA+  LTE in ServiceLTE Band OmanNawrasIn ServiceMar-1342MbpsIn Service Feb 2013LTE-1800,2300 TDDOmanOmantel/Oman MobileIn ServiceSep-1121MbpsIn Service July 2012LTE-1800,2300 FDD/TDD

LTE in Palestine

Palestine Middle EastOperatorHSPAHSPA+  LTE in ServiceLTE Band PalestinePalestine CellularPlanned    

LTE in Qatar

Qatar Middle EastOperatorHSPAHSPA+  LTE in ServiceLTE Band QatarOoredoo (Qatar Telecom)In ServiceAug-1021MbpsIn Service Apr 2013LTE-800, 2600QatarVodafoneIn Service  In Service June 2014LTE-800

LTE in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Middle East OperatorHSPA HSPA+  LTE in ServiceLTE Band Saudi ArabiaEtihad Etisalat/MobilyIn ServiceJan-1021MbpsIn Service Sept 2011LTE-2600 TDDSaudi ArabiaSaudi Telecom Company / AIn ServiceSep-0942MbpsIn Service Sept 2011LTE-Advanced Feb 2014LTE-1800/2300...

LTE in Syria

Syria Middle East HSPA HSPA+  LTE in Service    LTE Band SyriaMTN SyriaIn Service    SyriaSyriatelIn ServiceJun-1321Mbps  


UAE Middle East HSPA (27)HSPA+ (20) LTE in ServiceLTE Band UAEduIn ServiceMar-1042MbpsIn Service June 2012LTE-1800UAEEtisalatIn ServiceJan-1042MbpsIn Service Sept 2011LTE-Advanced  TrialLTE-1800, 2600
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