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Top 9 Best Online Business Ideas In 2020 To Earn Money Now


In 2020 we are being used to new terms such as “digital”, “online”, etc. And you must be wondering if small scale business and freelance work will take place online. By now, it is safe to assume that there is a variety of new and existing online business that we can conduct from our home-based offices. ss

If you are intrigued by this idea and plan to become an online entrepreneur, here are 9 ideas to make the most from an online business of your choice.

Best Online Business Ideas To Earn Money

●  Building A Web Blog and Monetizing It

Many people have the talent to paint a beautiful picture through their words. Yes, you are right, we are talking about bloggers. For them, whom writing is a passion, blogging has an ocean of possibilities. There are so many topics that a blogger can write about. After paying for a domain, host, and a website, a blogger can publish his or her writing online. The website and the advertisers pay the blogger as per the traffic on the site.

Blogging is an extremely profitable standalone service that people can choose as their career. There are several sites and templates from where you can start your website, create excellent content, and attract a mass of followers to your work.

●  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever wondered how we get to learn about certain businesses, services, and products from social media? Did it ever occur to you that you can promote and market for things online? There is a job for social media marketing which has an umbrella term called affiliate marketing. By this marketing technique, you spread the word about a business or a product among the followers you have online.

These days there are paid promotions happening via Facebook and Instagram. You can tell your followers by promoting a product, and the manufacturing company gives you a promotion. All you need is good conversational skills and a sea of followers who will take your word for the product.

On this role, you can promote products like ebooks, membership sites, video series, restaurants, cafes, etc. You can also collaborate with Amazon in their Associate’s Program and market with them.

●  Video Vlogging

Video Vlogging

If blogging was about writing engaging content, vlogging is about creating appealing videos. Creators can post their vlogs in any only platform, social media sites, YouTube Channels etc.

Few famous vloggers in India create extraordinary content and earn thousands of likes, subscriptions, and followers. To start online vlogging, you need to figure out what that video would be on. Travel, education, review, technology, cooking, etc. Once you become a regular at posting videos, you start earning quite a lot of money. Remember Justin Bieber, Superwoman Lilly, were all YouTubers from their home before they became superstars.

●  E-Commerce


If you have a store on the streets that’s not fairing well in business, it’s time you move indoors. Don’t worry, in 2020, you can run a full-fledged business from your home. Create your own website for your business and start e-commerce.

Alternatively, you can work in association with leading e-commerce and hyper marts as a seller. People who have shifted to e-commerce from mainstream business witnessed a sharp rise in sales and revenue. A good idea would be to invest in an affiliate marketer who will promote your products. Share your ads across online platforms so that your business is known and heard.

Take orders, collect the stock, make delivery, and earn money through raging e-commerce.

●  Online Coaching and Tutorials

Online Coaching and Tutorials

Teaching is a noble profession. In India, most of the students take classes beyond their school, for greater enrichment of knowledge. Private tuitions are common, but many students miss the best teachers because they live afar. But we can bridge the distance and can reach out to our favourite mentors via calls.

Taking cue of the popularity of video calls and virtual meetings, tutorial centres are taking online classes to teach students at there homes. If you are a tutor, you can shift your class online using Zoom, Webex, google meet etc. Once you set up an online class, you are all set to recreate an existing profession in an online medium.

●  Learning and Mastering SEO

Learning and Mastering SEO

Website owners have to ensure that their websites rank well in the SERP. To get a better rank they have to learn and develop the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) based on certain keywords. It can be the website of a blogger, website of an organisation, an e-commerce site, etc. SEO matters for all.

You can achieve a good rank for the website of an enterprise by becoming an SEO master. This skill is treasured by many entrepreneurs. SEO masters work online on those websites, change the content, keywords, plagiarism score, etc. so that the website looks unique and appealing. Only then we can expect the business to boost as it will beckon a large number of users to the website.

●  Copywriter


Being an online copywriter is a perfect choice for an online business idea. You can be a standalone resource, or have a team of copywriters of your own. Copywriting is reporting and narrating words that are either written or spoken at a certain time. For those people who have a flair or writing and producing their own content can become a copywriter for sales pages, email marketing, and good quality blogs.

You can start this profession without having a physical interaction with your client and earn money. With copywriting, you have a set of tasks at hand. Thus you can make your own schedule and work online at your will. Such freedom is what we seek when we opt for online business ideas.

●  Freelance PPC Ads

Freelance PPC Ads

In your online website, you can set up Pay per click ads. It is a type of online marketing where the advertiser rewards you with a commission, every time there is a click on their ad. In this way, the advertising company does their marketing and you get paid for allowing them to post PPCs on your website. This master skill invites more and more buyers to the website. The more they click on the PPC ads, the more revenue you earn.

●  Web Developer

Web Developer

Working online and not working on software? That is a rare thing to happen. You can conduct most development work for the IT and ITeS industries from your home. You need to choose a development language of your choice and work your way to build a rich, intuitive, and user-friendly application. Build your code in environments and deploy them to develop a great application for web, smartphone, computer, etc.


As we summarize this article, we can tell you that the upsurge of these online businesses happened as people grew tired of the stringent 8-hour shifts in offices, the commands of their bosses, and the long way commute to the office.

An online business assures you a work from home concept and gives you the liberty to choose when to work and when to rest. You can spend considerable time with your close ones and earn money from the comfort of your house. So if these are things you are looking for, embrace any of the above online business ideas and break the monotony of going to offices.

Author’s Bio:

Bhavik Soni is a Creative Writer at Auto Monkey. We provide an original analysis of the latest happenings in the social media industry. Connect with Latest Social Media Trends and News plus tips on Twitter, Facebook and other social tools on the web.


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