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Best keyword research tools


Are you are starting a blog, planning an SEO strategy, or even a PPC campaign? Keyword research is the most important task you need to perform. If you are not choosing the right keywords, you are heading towards failure. No keyword research means no targeted audience, no traffic, no leads, and no revenue.

There are a variety of keyword research tools available in the market but not all of them are perfect to use. On the web, you may find 100s of tools but we will be telling you the best tool for keyword research. All the tools are measured on many metrics and then we decide the best one. Well, you don’t need to do any research, we will be doing it for you. So, let’s have a look at 6 best keyword research tools for various purposes.

SEMRush (Free 7-Day Guru Trial)

SEMRush (Free 7-Day Guru Trial)

SEMRush doesn’t require any introduction. I think all of us know out it. Well, it’s not just a keyword research tool but it is much more than that. Keyword research is quite easy with SEMRush. You just need to put your website URL or URL of your competitor’s website and it will get you all the keyword you need to work on. Unlike other keyword research tools, SEMRush will get you all the metrics you need to know about a keyword and domain. Along with keywords, it is also important to study your competitors on which SEMRush will get you everything.


Ahrefs is the second most popular keyword research tool

Ahrefs is the second most popular keyword research tool as well as a complete SEO tool. Recently they have rolled out their improved keyword research tool. Like SEMRush, Ahrefs also provide you in-depth information about a keyword. Everything from competitors, quality, quantity, PPC, and more. This tool will tell you everything you need to know about the keyword you are going to work on. Along with keywords, it lets you explore more keyword opportunities and parent topics. Keyword competitor indicator in Ahref gives you an easy overview of how competitive your keyword is. SEMRush and Ahrefs are among most accurate keyword research tools.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

You may have already used it. Google Keyword Planner is among leading keyword research tools from a long time. Being google’s own tool, it ensures accuracy of metrics you see on keywords. GKP used to be free to use couple of years back. Now, users who run ads using AdWords can use this tool. Non-regular users will be shown estimated metrics but not the accurate one. While planning a PPC campaign, I wouold suggest you to use Google Keyword Planner because it shows perfect metrics for PPC ads.


LongTailPro most popular keyword research tools.

LongTailPro is among the most popular keyword research tools. It is a cloud-based application which is easy to use and can be installed on your computer. Bloggers and webmaster working on profitable niche-specific keywords recommend LongTailPro. It is the best tool to find out long tail profitable keywords within your specific niche. Based on your seed keyword, it gets you 100s of long tail keyword ideas on which you can work and drive revenue. If you are into niche blogging, this is the best tool for keyword research you ever need. Along with keyword research, it also offers you some other features like a rank tracker, domain name ideas generator, niche profitable keywords, high CPC keywords, and much more.


KWFinder premium tools dedicated to keyword research only.

KWFinder is one of those premium tools which are dedicated to keyword research only. Developed by Mangools, it is a new tool in the market but it is growing at a fast pace due to the quality of results and easy to use UI. KWFinder helps you in finding high traffic generating keywords. The best thing about KWFinder is that it is very easy to use and fast. You just need to enter a keyword or domain, it will get you 1000s of keyword opportunities and ideas on which you can work. Difficulty indicator is quite accurate in KWFinder. It shows you how competitive your keyword is and how much backlinks you need to rank on it.


Soovle generating similar keywords from Wikipedia, Youtube, Answers.

Similar keywords work like a charm on-page SEO for increasing relevancy of the web page. Soovle helps you in generating similar keywords from Wikipedia, Youtube, Answers, Google, Bing, and Amazon. Along with suggesting you keywords for improving on-page relevancy, it also gives you more ideas for creating content. Internet is still filled with thousands of untapped keywords within your niche. So, you just need to perform a quick search on Soovle and get benefit from the ideas you get through it.


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