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Best AI Tools for Education and Learning in 2024


The age of artificial intelligence has spread across all industries. It is now a part of our world, particularly in education.

One of the industries that is increasingly utilizing AI is education. 90% of students prefer ChatGPT to a tutor when studying. Teachers aren’t left out, however, with EdWeek stating that roughly half of teachers utilize AI to organize their lessons.

The potential of AI in education has grown tremendously. It will shift the stigma that it promotes academic cheating to a more accepting view of its benefits.

But which tools are the most effective?

This list of the finest AI tools for education in 2024 will assist you in making the best decision. It smoothly reshapes the teaching and learning processes. Let’s get started!

The Best AI Tools for Education

The year 2024 promises a revolutionary experience for students in the fast-paced world of education technology, with a new generation of AI-powered educational resources. Prepare to discover the next generation of teaching resources designed to help every student achieve their full potential. The following are the top tools positioned to transform the learning landscape:


Team-GPT is a game-changing platform that transforms educational cooperation. This application makes use of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and taps into the power of the most recent AI models, such as GPT-4.

Typically, ChatGPT restricts students and professors to one-on-one talks with the AI. The Team-GPT enables smooth collaboration among educational teams. This comprises teachers and students, as well as students and teachers.

This all-inclusive tool promotes collaboration among classroom teams. The platform may be accessed by a large number of instructors, students, and others. They will initiate a real-time group conversation with ChatGPT. This contributes significantly to the creation of dynamic and inclusive settings for students and teachers.

GPT-4 responds to queries in an accurate and appropriate manner. Team-GPT ensures that AI fulfills the specific demands and requirements of educational teams.

Summarizing Tool


The summarizing tool is an AI-powered solution for efficient article generation. It rewrites, paraphrases, and summarizes your information using advanced algorithms.

A summary generator is well-known for its capacity to save time. Learners can quickly grasp vital topics without spending a lot of time reading long texts.

Summary generators enable educators to streamline lesson plans in typical classroom environments. These tools can be used by teachers to deliver quick yet comprehensive overviews.

This summary tool will quickly deliver the needed results. You can get a more streamlined version of your data with only a few clicks. Long-form material is effectively compressed using the technology.



Fetchy is an excellent AI tool for education. Simplifying the numerous time-consuming chores that teachers must complete. This technology allows educators to concentrate on more vital issues.

Teachers can enhance their time management skills and make more informed decisions.

Fetchy provides customers with a diverse set of teaching tools that address various facets of education. These tools assist teachers in developing their potential and students in developing their social skills.

Teachers can also use the app to generate compelling lesson plans because it simplifies lesson planning. The custom assessment option aids in the measurement and monitoring of student progress. It provides immediate feedback on each student’s strengths and deficiencies.

Teachers who are experiencing difficulties in the classroom should seek expert guidance to acquire actionable insights. Tutors can also produce educational content using the content customization option.



Gradescope is school administration software. It employs artificial intelligence to assist teachers in grading assignments or tests more rapidly. It can read text as well as mathematical formulas like fractions. 

Gradescope uses artificial intelligence to make educators’ jobs easier. It can also provide useful information about students’ performance.

The Assisted Answer Groups function in Gradescope allows teachers to group related student replies. Teachers can also grant time extensions to specific students.

Users can utilize the AI-assisted grading tool to automate the grading process for homework, projects, or exams. All of these capabilities optimize processes and lessen administrative strain on instructors. was created exclusively for the diverse demands of universities and schools. It can aid in streamlining the normal university process, such as deadlines and tuition expenses. 

The application can also assist schools in planning and implementing recruitment initiatives. The major goal of Ivy is to facilitate efficient cooperation between universities and institutions. Its chatbots can also provide department and course information. 

It is intended to increase student communication and experience. It integrates seamlessly with over 30 different campus vendors.

Its pre-trained knowledge responds to student requests by offering responses from school websites. also provides multi-channel communication, allowing schools to communicate with students via email, SMS, and other channels. 

The chatbot can provide critical data for identifying communication issues. Finally, reducing call and email volumes saves schools time and money.



Plaito is a fantastic technological tool that coaches pupils using artificial intelligence. It accomplishes this through the use of suggestions and prompts in one-on-one tutoring sessions. 

Students can use the Homework Help tool to take images or screenshots of homework problems. Plaito provides personalized tutoring through the use of AI and language science. It teaches classes at the rate that the learner prefers.

An essay writer and summarizer are also included. Its language-learning capabilities deliver lessons in the form of games. It also assigns outcome-driven activities to help students strengthen their memories. 

When it comes to languages, the Plaito chatbot can talk in around four different languages.

Wrapping Up

The best AI tools for education and learning in 2024 will be more than just technological advancements. They represent a paradigm shift in our approach to teaching and learning. Accept these tools appropriately, with an emphasis on ethics. The ongoing enhancement of these tools is the key to realizing the full potential of AI in education.

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