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Benefits of learning Japanese Language


Benefits of learning Japanese

The Japanese language is the ninth most spoken language in the world. You can find the Japanese community almost everywhere from the United States to Southeast Asia. Since English is no longer the exclusive language, people must start learning other languages to communicate with people.

Among a large number of foreign languages, learning Japanese creates a variety of benefits for students.

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1. Provides more opportunities for international understanding

It is common knowledge that the Japanese people are very nationalistic and even if they can write and speak other languages, they would prefer to communicate to have their texts written in Japanese. Thus, access to information could be much easier if people know the Japanese language. Fluency in Japanese allows people to better communicate and gain knowledge of Japan as a country and culture.

2. Prepares you for a better future

As the Asian economy rises, more opportunities for work in Asian countries will be available. Japanese is not commonly taught or studied like Spanish, German or French. Learning Japanese enhance your professional value. When you learn Japanese, you will have less competition in fields like social sciences, humanities, business, journalism, and tourism. You can also apply for translator jobs for the government.

If you are working in an international company, the chances of you getting a promotional also increases.

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3. Makes you understand Japanese culture

Japanese is one of the most unique cultures. It is a combination of traditional and modern practices. Japanese social conducts are completely different from the west. The culture and tradition of japan are ingrained in both young and old people, and these traditions dictate the way they interact, react, and behave.

Understanding the Japanese language will open your eyes to Japanese culture and history.

4. Makes you appreciate your own culture and language

Learning Japanese will help you to appreciate your language and traditions because it improves both cognitive and communication skills. Accessing a culture that is different from yours will allow you to appreciate the difference in cultures and languages.

5. Improves your skills in studying your other academic lessons

As a student learning the Japanese language will help you gain a much broader perspective, will enhance your thinking skills and you will learn new strategies that you only can apply.

6. You can qualify as an English teacher in Japan

Your proficiency in the Japanese language can be your stepping-stone to teach English in schools in japan or allow you to work in local Japanese companies. The Japan Exchange and Teaching program is an annual program where students from different countries who pass the criteria and review process can stay and teach in Japan. This program was introduced to promote internationalization by developing mutual understanding between Japan and other countries. The program aims to increase Japanese education in a foreign language. This program also allows students to study Japanese during their stay in Japan.

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7. It’s your gateway to more Asian cultures and languages

Other Asian countries like India, China and Korea exerted influence over Japanese history. Although the Asian countries are different, they do share some similarities that can be easily recognized with you study the language. You will better understand the values they share, their religious beliefs and ethics.

It will also help you learn other Asian languages. Japanese grammar is similar to Korean grammar. Both languages use the advanced honorific system to show respect to other elders, to a person of higher stature and strangers. Japanese writing system shares similarities with the Chinese writing system. therefore, it would be easy for you to learn Korean and Chinese if you understand the Japanese language.

8. You’ll have access to advanced technology

Japan is geographically isolated. Considering the devastation of the country after WWII and the fact that natural resources are scarce on the island, it is impressive how this small country was able to become one most the leading economies in the world. It is astonishing to see how the Japanese were able to rely on their technology and creativity to make their economy successful. Japanese are the leaders in a variety of fields of technology such as robotics, electronics, fermentation processes, semiconductor manufacturing and more. They are great innovators, around 400000 patent applications are filed by the Japanese inventors each year.

When you learn the Japanese language, you get access to there knowledge and how they become so successful in these fields.

The Japanese language has gained popularity in recent years and because of that many people are looking for schools that teach this language. If you are also looking for ways to learn the language, then you should search for Japanese language classes online. You will find the best school for learning the language.

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