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How Can I Learn AI At Home?


How Can I Learn AI At Home?


Over the years, artificial intelligence (AI) has started to play a larger role in all of our lives. We consider artificial intelligence (AI) to be one of the most significant innovations in the field of technology. Even though this amazing breakthrough is something that we see as a technology that was introduced just a few years ago but if you dig a little you will discover that technology experts and scientists have been trying to figure this out since the early 1950s. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now one of the leading areas in the IT industry. However, the idea of smart and intelligent machines taking over the world or replacing human beings in every field of life is still considered to be a far-fetched concept. It is something that we can only see in the movies because AI is still in its initial stages of development. The world is still trying to learn what the prospects of this technology might be for the future. Therefore, it is not a threat to human beings in any way. However, artificial intelligence (AI) is a great help for the modern human being. It cannot, yet, replace human beings but it can and it is helping the workforce achieve a higher level of productivity every day. 

Why Do We Need To Learn More About AI?

Believe it or not but artificial intelligence (AI) is now a very integral part of our lives. Even the average person is using AI on a daily basis in many different ways for example we make use of mobile applications like SIRI or Google Assistant very frequently in our daily lives without even thinking that what we are using is AI, a technology that is being worked on for more than 5 decades. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a highly effective tool in every industry. The best aspect about artificial intelligence (AI) is the fact that every AI application or software can be designed to meet the needs and requirements of the particular industry it is being made for. 

When we shift our attention a little to the reason as to why we need to learn more about AI then we need to understand the fact that even though this technology has come very far from where it started but still there are many areas about which we do not have enough knowledge. And, learning more about it is the only option left that will help us take this amazing innovation forward. Nowadays, it is extremely fruitful and important to learn about AI if you are a software engineer, IT professional or a mobile application developer. If your area of expertise compels you to work hand in hand with neural networks or a human-machine interface than having knowledge about artificial intelligence is a must.

To learn about AI is not a difficult task especially nowadays where you can find information about anything and everything online. Many people have chosen to create a wikipedia page, write articles and blogs and create videos that aim towards teaching people about AI. Of course, different online courses target a different set of skills and levels of knowledge and you must be able to choose the right learning source for yourself. 

Some of the best online courses to learn about AI are Machine learning – Stanford University, Nvidia – Fundamentals of deep learning for computer vision and Learn with Google AI. All three of these courses are considered to be one of the best learning experiences for beginners who wish to make a career in the field of artificial intelligence. 

However, you can also learn about AI online as well without enrolling yourself in any of the online courses. You can simply learn by following these 5 simple steps:

Select a topic of interest:

To find a topic that you find interesting for yourself is more important than you think it is. This is the only way you will be able to keep yourself motivated to learn and delve deeper in the information and learning processes that you had no idea about before. Another important aspect towards selecting an area of interest is the fact that this way you will be able to focus your energy and resources to learn something specific, something that you are interested in. Simply reading randomly online will only increase your frustration and confusion, you need to focus your attention on a certain topic of interest.

Look for a simple and quick solution:

Once you have established your area of interest or a problem that you want to work on then the next logical step is to find out the most basic solution for your problem. Now, at this stage you do not need to worry about the details. Just focus on finding a solution that takes care of and solves the basic problem right away. Once you have found what you were looking for then focus your efforts into writing or finding an algorithm that will translate the information in to a language that the machine will be able to understand.

Share for feedback:

Now, the next step is to share your solution with other experts or people in order to get their feedback about how you can improve your solutions. Remember, sharing your solutions and getting feedback is an essential step for learning to create something outstanding.

Work on your feedback:

Once you have shared your solutions with the public or the experts, you now have to work on improving any errors or aspects of your AI according to your user’s feedback. Focus on finding a creative solution to improve and rectify any problems in the algorithm. You should be the judge of how you are to manage your resources. Be sure to not use more time or money on improving something that might have little or no return on your investment. After all, we are all working to earn gains and higher profits. 


Now, you must repeat the four steps above and focus on different problems and solutions. It is always a good idea to expand your area of learning by focusing on problems that use different types of data.     



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