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Benefits of an eCommerce Website for Traditional Commerce


eCommerce has already changed the fundamentals of the retail business. Naturally, this change has also progressed to include service businesses, making it easier than ever for service providers to reach, maintain and understand their customers in all sectors. If you operate a service business, you may be wondering how eCommerce can help you grow your business, or if it is even worth implementing into your new or existing website.

Who Benefits from an eCommerce Website?

Anyone who provides a service, such as cleaners, gardening service providers or a handyman, can benefit from having an eCommerce website. In an era where people can buy almost anything online with the click of a mouse or tap of a touch screen, customers expect convenience. Service businesses have an obligation to keep up and offer their customers the capabilities of ordering or making deposits and payments conveniently and securely online.

eCommerce versus an “About Us” Services Website

A service website focused on providing general information can help your customers find out more about your business. Things such as your hours, location and services provided will all be easily accessible. An eCommerce website takes this a step further and compels your potential clients to make the commitment and sign up for your services. Having an eCommerce website can be an incredibly powerful business tool. It provides incentives to close the deal. It also gives those who do not like to wait, a way to get what they need, when they need it. Setting up your own eCommerce website can be easy using shared hosting and just a regular windows operating system. Some hosting providers offer cheap, or low-cost web spaces, which makes getting started even easier. You can also opt to use a VPS, or virtual private server, if you would like more control. Using reliable and affordable VPS windows is yet another option.

Convenience for Everyone

The reality of modern society is that we lead very busy lives and sometimes have very little time to spare. Packed schedules can make even a simple phone call difficult. Researching and selecting a service provider to fix a leaky faucet, broken hinge or cracked window can be downright impossible. Giving your customer a way to easily book an appointment online benefits both you and them. You’ll save time by not having to answer the phone and take another phone call. They’ll save time by being able to easily book it online at their convenience. Then, you simply receive an email with the details and can proceed from there.

Final Thoughts

Can a business survive, and even thrive, without an eCommerce website? Yes, they can, but eCommerce can be a sensible, practical solution to our modern time crunch. Having your own website helps you to establish your business in a bigger way and reach a subset of customers you might not otherwise find. For most service providers, eCommerce is the logical next step for a growing, successful business.

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