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9 video marketing techniques for lawyers to attract clients


Video marketing is one of the major keys to solve your law firm business marketing puzzle successively. If you want to engage and influence your targeted potential audience then video marketing is the apt choice for you.

Based on the study of McQuivey’s Forrester research, “Video is worth 1.8 million words”. It was bringing out from the point that, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This fun and creative information show the significance of video now a day.

Video marketing massively boosts the search rankings of your service. As a lawyer, you need to sense concerning the central point that you should connect with your audience emotionally. That such emotional attachment can be built by your video without any doubt. If you want to unlock your marketing puzzle then you can take the key through video marketing.

Before moving with this, I will share some techniques of video marketing in this discussion.

1. Move on with classy brand video

The Classy brand video showcases you to the audience in the way you are promoting yourself in that. It will create a great visual impact on you among the audience. Before developing a classy brand video to your attorney marketing strategy, make out categorize who are all the target audience of you. Have a strong acknowledgement of getting a great impact from the audience based on their employment, demography and income and so on.

Your brand video incorporates the following that:

It may contain all the way that it should be relevant to your targeted audience.

  • Some interesting facts about you.
  • The clippings of your place where the audience are going to meet you.
  • Content that how you are different with others
  • Question and answering that will rise on the mind of your targeted audience
  • Some casual shots of life at your law firm to create trust on you from the audience

2. Categorize and consign all your created brand video online

Where to showcase your brand video is one of the important strategies you should follow. The online telecast of your brand video will showcase your actions towards the audience. Since the maximum of your audience will come to your webpage to find some solution for their problems with some confused mind. Make them feel free with your content visibility on your webpage. Consign your video on your home page and multiple other visible places on your webpage. It will help you to reach more among the audience easily.

In the following screenshot, you can see the set of videos is telecasting in the homepage of attorney’s webpage.

video marketing techniques for lawyers

3. Develop several interview videos

Law firming captures a higher end from the evolution of the Internet. By online you can find more legal group at the law firm. Collaborate with that such legal group and develop several interview videos with them. Enlarge your interview video content at the point of your targeted audience. In such a way you can easily penetrate the intellect of your audience. Never forget to upload this kind of interview videos in your concern social media like Facebook, YouTube channel and so on through your legal group reach that interview video on their particular sources.

marketing techniques for lawyers
Develop several interview videos

In the above screenshot, you can see the interview videos. Through this kind of videos, you may get familiarity with your audience. When the audience thought to reach you they may identify you easily. Moreover, these kinds of interview videos produce face value of you among the audience.

4. Publish your videos all over the social media

Already we discuss with this approach that publishing your videos all over social media. In this era of digitization, people are ready to reach the ways to be socially active on the Internet. It can be possible with the numerous numbers of social networking platforms and applications. Now there is more than 65 number of social networking platforms exist. Among this many social networking, you can select the largest video platform. Here let us confer about YouTube.

In the following screenshot, you can identify some videos published by law firming YouTube page.

Publish your videos all over the social media

Ok. Now you are planning to upload your videos in your concern YouTube channel. Is it enough to reach more people? No never. After reaching your videos in social networking space then just think about its size. It is a huge size. More than a billion users using social networking. Once you have done with the social media uploading, check all your videos are getting optimized or not. Your optimized videos are the end solution for your reach in social media pages.

5. Develop Testimonial videos

Another obvious mode of video strategy to develop potential consumers is to develop more testimonial videos. It may like case studies videos. From the real client experience, the audience may get a trustworthy wave on you in a great manner. Sometimes that such experience reflects their situation to the audience and it will lead them to reach you immediately. Testimonial videos are the social proof of your service in law firming and help the audience to take the correct decision that will help you to convert the audience as a consumer.

6. Develop Live Videos

If you want to increase the higher engagement rate from the viewers, then live videos make it simple. All your videos are in the part of video-on-demand. When compared to its live videos plays longer flow from the audience. Live videos contain the real special feel of your service, the behind-the-scenes look of your business concern. Though all the editing, music were not present in your live videos it will encourage viewers to comment on your session.

Develop Live Videos

7. Develop how-to videos

Develop some how-to videos instead of concentrating completely on the business promotion attitude videos. Some instructional videos related to your law firming can educate the audience to better understand your concern. These kinds of how-to & instructional videos push the audience to self-analysis their problems and the solution. Also, it leads to more search views on your videos. Sometimes it may be helpful for the student level category to better understand your law firm. Indirect video marketing can be done through this technique and it may reach your business conversion in a better way.

Develop how-to videos

In the above screenshot, you can see the instructional video given by Sachin Daga in a ChetChat about a career in law.

8. Play your developed video at an event

As a lawyer play your video at a legal event is the strongest choice for you to develop contacts and connections. You can get closer to your community through this activity. An event may be any webinar, seminar or conference. You may get into the mind of a group of members as well as it will show your commitment towards your service. It will help to refuel the audience in such a great way. Legal industry events are a great opportunity to promote your video content to a large and relevant audience.

9. Keep your videos short and sweet

Last but not least. Now I will share the most important strategy to follow when you make your videos. Never go with long videos and make your videos short and sweet. If you want to reach your video as viral then short videos make it possible. Completely engage your audience within the starting 10 seconds of your video. Emotionally get in touch with the audience to continue your content about your services in law firming. Create your script to develop trust in you from the audience’s side within a short duration.

Author Biography:

Fazeela is a Digital Marketing Executive at Bright Bridge Infotech, a Law Firm Website marketing company and she enjoys learning about the Digital Marketing field. She specializes in guest blogging, blog publishing, and social media. She is an avid reader and loves writing impeccable contents pertaining to digital marketing. She holds a bachelor degree in Engineering.




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