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What Does It Cost to Develop a Travel App?


Cost to Develop a Travel App

The travel industry is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, serving millions of travelers every year. These people look for flawless service and joyous traveling experience, which demands a lot of effort from the travel agencies to make it happen.

At the time of booking flight tickets and hotel rooms, the people generally miss on important things like popular destinations to visit, trying various categories of restaurants, and searching for entertaining places that can’t be missed for sure.

Tips To Make A Successful Travel App

The development of a mobile travel app depends on a range of factors, including the app type, functionalities, design requirements, etc.

You can consider hiring a leading travel app development company to develop your app. However, if you want to learn the basics of the app development, then you should give a read to the below steps for developing a travel mobile app.  

  • Theme Design- It would be great if you select from your existing mobile app themes using websites like Themeforest.
  • Build a Homepage- The first thing which the users will note in your mobile app is its home screen. It should explain everything about your app like its features and functionality.
  • Build Menu- The app menu will carry all the options that you want to display to the users. This will include Home, My account, Offers, Book a ride, etc.
  • Add Content- Content is the most crucial thing for a travel app. You can create engaging content in the form of blogs, articles, press releases to attract the attention of the users.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Travel App

To build a travel app, you have to look at a number of factors that influence the development of a travel app. Some of them are listed below:

Choosing the suitable platform for travel app (Android & iOS)

What Does It Cost to Develop a Travel App?

The development cost of a travel app varies from platform to platform. You will be surprised to know that a hotel booking app for iOS costs lesser than the same on the Android platform.

The main reason for this price difference is that iOS needs to be compatible for a few devices. But, with Android, its emulators are slow and need more resources to build an app.

App Design & User Experience

If your app has an aesthetically appealing design and impeccable user experience, then it will give you an upper hand on your rivals. A great design is an outcome of professional work done which attracts the targeted users. However, designing such apps will require the finest designing tools that will cost more.

The Functionality of an App

The cost of a travel app will depend on the number of features and functionalities that you want to add. When your app will have more functionality, the overall pricing will be higher. The best way to reduce the cost is by keeping key features in the primary version. With the rise in the app’s popularity, you can add secondary functionalities later on.

Multiple Payment Integration

With this functionality, the app will ensure payment transactions instantly and securely without any hassle. The addition of multiple payment options will give a boost to the online travel business.

Number of Developers & Resources Involved

The resources involved in the mobile app development determine the price of a travel app. Always remember the fact that the more the resources the higher will be the development cost.

Costing of Travel Apps Based on the Above Factors

  • The average cost for building a single mobile platform starts at $ 40, 000.
  • For building a travel planning app, the pricing begins at $ 55, 000 for web and $ 75, 000 for mobile app.
  • The price range for building online booking services typically varies from $ 60,000 to $ 70,000 for web and single web platform.
  • To develop an innovative web or mobile app providing travel reviews and recommendations, the price ranges from $ 50, 000 to $ 65, 000.

The Estimated Cost of Hiring a Developer in Leading Countries

When it comes to the app development cost, the price in India is comparatively lesser than other countries. India is a storehouse of experienced and proficient developers, who are focused on building innovative apps.

On an average the estimated charges per year for developing an app in countries like-

  • US -$71765
  • UK – $32410
  • Germany – $50726
  • India – $18000

Some concluding thoughts

With this post, we are now sure that you will get a clear vision of the travel app that you want to develop. The mobile app development is essentially a surefire way to expand your travel agency, and increase your business with more online bookings. Talking about the cost of developing a travel app, then it will depend on the above-mentioned factors.

Author’s Bio

Tom Hardy is a talented mobile app developer working at Sparx IT Solutions for many years. He has immense expertise in building apps for a wide range of industries that includes healthcare, travel and tourism, finance, retail, etc. In his spare time, he likes to share his knowledge with budding developers through his meaningful write-ups.


  1. There is no single answer to questions like this. I agree with your points, there are various factors that influence the expenditure for developing a mobile app. We are Indian App Developers, we develop quality apps at internationally competitive prices.

  2. Hey tom hardy,

    this is a nice article for travel apps to increase business efficiency. this is the right for any app need an App Design & User Experience attractive they play a good role?

  3. The level of technologies you wish to include in your mobile app also helps to calculate the development cost. These days high-tech travel mobile apps are available in the market like Tripadvisor, TripCase, MakeMyTrip, OYO rooms, Goibibo, and many more.

    If you wish to create this caliber of travel app, these technologies are required:

    JavaScript, CSS, and HTML programming languages to make client-side interfaces.
    Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js, and .NET to build the backend side of the application.
    There are also many other advanced technologies used to build robust travel apps like AI, Blockchain, VR, and more.


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