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8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Mobile App Development Company in 2022


Mobile applications are a great source of boosting business, and many business owners are already leveraging its features. If you also want to generate higher revenues for your business, consider developing a high-performing mobile application. 

People prefer mobile applications during online shopping, booking movie tickets, and more. The reason for mobile app usage expansion is simple- convenience.

A report mentioned by Statista has declared that app downloads have constantly been increasing since 2016, and it will generate more than $613 billion in revenues in 2025. 

You can consider hiring a well-known app developing company to get a high-performing app for your business. However, before hiring, what do you think are the top questions you should ask from an app development company?  

We have picked the top 8 questions that you can ask from a mobile app development agency in 2022. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Key Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

  • How Do You Stand Out from the Competition?

The first question that you can put up is how your company stands out from the competition. Looking at the company’s portfolio or reviews will only give you a visual idea of how the company works or let you know whether they can pull off your app as per your expectation or not. 

Instead, you can ask about the company’s unique selling proposition (USP) to get familiar with their principles, working style, and how they succeed in the industry. 

Make sure that the company answers your questions covering all the following aspects:

  • Determines the targeted audience’s preferences.
  • Implements modern development methodologies.
  • Faster development time, etc. 
  • How Do You Handle Projects?

The next question you can ask from a developing app agency is their criteria for handling the project. It is imperative to know how they work and whether they will deliver your project on time or not. 

In most case scenarios, companies give priority to bigger projects because of higher stakes. Therefore, get to know their lined-up projects just to ensure that your app development will not get delayed.

Once you know that the company has enough developers to handle multiple projects and have a solid workflow, you’re good to go with that company. 

  • What is the Average Cost of App Development?

The most common question that every business owner asks is app development price. However, the answer to this question never remains the same as it varies from different business requirements. 

Certain factors affect the app development cost like:

  • App complexity
  • App building platform
  • App design and functionality
  • App hosting & security
  • App updates & maintenance, etc. 

For instance, if you want a simple app design with lesser features, it will be more expensive than a mobile app with advanced features. In short, the app development cost is dependent on the type of app you want for your business.

  • Do You Stay Updated with Latest Trends?

The next important question you shouldn’t miss asking is whether the company remains updated with every latest trend. Every month a new trend comes up and changes the entire app development method.  

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to cross-check that the company you’re hiring is well-versed with the latest trend and stays abreast with new technology. Make sure that before hiring the app development agency, market research, tech stack identification, and everything is well-defined.

  • Do You Follow Any Specific App Development Methodology?

After knowing their app development process, learn which development methodology they follow. A specific app development methodology is essential because the process becomes quicker and more reliable. Other than this, it offers better team collaboration, a more effective development process, better transparency, etc.  

If the app developing company follows a specific app development methodology that fulfills your business requirements, you must consider hiring them. 

  • How Often Will You Update My App?

You know that a constant app update lets you build customer loyalty as it fixes bugs, glitches, or other technical issues. 

However, the app update changes the entire post-launch app maintenance and support. Thus, ensure that the company you consider developing your app puts together a plan of how often they will update your app without hampering the entire app. 

The developers should make a full-fledged strategy to highlight the latest features and update the app based on users’ feedback.

  • Do You Sign NDA and NC Agreements?

The must-have question to be asked from a mobile app development company is whether they sign a non-disclosure agreement or not. It is a legal contract form that promises to maintain the user’s confidentiality of software ideas and other related information. 

In other words, the NDA form restricts the sharing of information transmitted between the app development company and the business owner. You must go for an agency that involves the legal contract as it will give you surety that your project will be in safe hands.

  • Will You Provide Post-Launch App Maintenance and Support?

If you want your app up and running in the Google Play Store or Apple Store, make sure the company you are hiring offers post-launch app maintenance and support. 

The post-launch app maintenance fixes errors, resolves glitches, adds new features, updates the new ones, and more. Before hiring the company, ensure how often they release new versions through beta releases. 

You can even ask the following questions to them:

  • What is the cost per update?
  • How often do they fix bugs? 

Concluding Words

So, before hiring any mobile app development company, ask the questions mentioned above. 

The reason to ask these questions is to know that you are investing your money in the right app development company, and you’ll certainly get the app as you expected. 

Make informed decisions, and choose a suitable app development company.

All the best!


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