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8 Advanced SEO Trends You Should Know to Drive Organic Traffic In 2021


Google comes up with updates throughout the year, so does it brings changes in search engine optimization. Websites owners who are conscious to maintain their rankings and drive traffic organically are usually looking for new strategies to defeat their competitors.

2020 is getting close to an end and it’s the time to look for the new advanced SEO trends that a webmaster should know to drive traffic organically in 2021.

Yazlo is one of the leading SEO companies that accept the challenges and results in an infographic outlining the most recent SEO trends. They provide one of the best SEO techniques and solutions for your business.

Mobile-First Index

With the updates, Google has made changes in its priorities by introducing Mobile-First Index which shows the result that Google mostly uses the mobile version of a page for indexing and ranking. If your page doesn’t look unique on a mobile device, or if the mobile version has less content, you may lose rankings in both mobile and desktop search results. Now it has become more important than ever to make sure your website looks good and performs well on mobile devices.

Key Points to Follow:

  • Make content exclusively for mobile and desktop alike.
  • Make sure changes made by you provide a better user experience of your website on a mobile.
  • Create video content and couple your blogs with video content.

Create SEO Optimized Landing Pages 

A landing page helps to improve your sales and lead generation. Creating more landing pages will open up gateways more for the search traffic. If a user can’t find your page you won’t get conversions through your landing page. Similarly, if that page isn’t optimized to meet the right audience, it’s just a waste

Key Points to Follow:

  • Publish to a custom URL.
  • Include your keywords strategically on your landing page.
  • Secure backlinks to your page. 
  • Speed up your page.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Click-through-rate tells the amount of search appearances of your page that are converting into clicks., CTR is employed by Google to ranks pages in SERP. (CTR) is an incredibly important concept in computer program marketing. CTR is one of the most components of your quality score. In SEO. In short, CTR goes to work out whether you maintain your ranking.

Key Points to Follow:

  • Optimize Your Title
  • Optimize Your Meta Description
  •  Optimize Your URLs

Rank Brain

Rank Brain is also one of the most important ranking factors for SERP’s. It is used to analyze user searches so that it tells us about more relevant search results for specific queries. In short, Rank Brain keep a look at user search behavior, interaction, and consider them as a factor to rank web pages in Google results.

Key Points to Follow:

  • Create Content that Addresses User Intent.
  • Increase Your Click-Through Rates.
  • Improve Your Dwell Time.

Featured Snippets are those results that are shown on the top of the SERP’s. They help to get more clicks from the organic search results and increase the number of no-click searches. There are different types of snippets available such as paragraph snippets, list snippets, table snippets, etc. So make sure you choose the snippet that suits your content and the search term.

Key Points to Follow:

  •  Do keyword research
  • Use Headers
  • Stay within the optimal word count
  • Add high-quality images and video
  •  Find content ideas on Answer the Public

Boost Your “Content“

Content writing is a vital ranking factor. The more relevance you provide to the target audience through content the more traffic you will get. It can include writing blog posts and articles, etc Never let your content get outdated and make regular updates. Also make sure to keep the focus on in-depth, context-rich content.

Key Points to Follow:

  • Research-based content
  • Minimum 1500-2000 words for complete content.
  • Use LSI Keywords or closely related words, and Phrases that are strongly related to the content.
  • Authoritative content
  • Evergreen content

Video“ Content Marketing 

The second-largest search engine at this time is Youtube. In short, people are searching and watching videos in maximum numbers now. The demand for video content has been increased and in 2021 if you won’t use this strategy you might result in the loss of a lot of traffic.

Key Points to Follow:

  • The sound that supports the story
  • A purpose
  • Authenticity
  • A call-to-action

In the past years, the numbers of voice searches have been increased. Rather than typing, it is easy for users to speak with an assistant. Results of the voice queries are also faster rather than other search queries.

Key Points to Follow:

  • Optimize for Rich Answers
  • Re-Imagine and Restructure Your Content 
  • Improve Loading Time of Your Website
  • Use Conversational Language for Content
  • Target Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

Final Thoughts:

SEO is basically creativity the more creativity means you will get more positive and faster results. It is not only all about the techniques and tips. Reading and knowing about the latest trends will help you get the desired rankings. We hope you find these tips and techniques the best.

Author Bio:

M.Marib Afzal is a Digital Marketer enthusiast at Yazlo having years of experience in the field of Internet Marketing. He is a Social Media geek and enjoys trying varied cuisine. A perfect day for him consists of reading his favorite novels with a hot cuppa coffee.


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