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5 best gadgets for gaming geeks


best gadgets for gaming geeks


How many times has your leg gone to sleep while you were engrossed in games for hours? How many times have you experienced back pain because of the wrong posture? We are sure this must have happened to you at least once.

When you start a game, you often don’t realize how many hours you have spent in front of the screen until you try to get up, and you cannot feel your feet because they have gone numb. However, you can avoid this situation if you have the right gaming chair that takes care of your posture and make your entire experience comfortable. Check CPS Test for click games and improve its design and bugs.

We have mentioned this relatable scenario to make you realize that if you truly want to have a great gaming experience, you need the right accessories to support it. Imagine having a slow internet connection that lags every time you are about to defeat your arch nemesis or a gaming controller that gets stuck every now and then. Oh, the horror!

Now that we have convinced you why you need the right gadgets and accessories, we don’t want you to go on a shopping spree and get everything and anything you come across. We don’t want to break your bank.

To help you out, we have a made list of some important gadgets that you need in your arsenal to have perfect gaming marathon.

1. Headset

There is nothing more frustrating that while gaming, you hear your siblings fight or your neighbors listening to loud music in the background. A gaming headset can do wonders for your gaming experience. If you get the right one, you can block all the background clutter and focus on your gaming only. The latest headsets come with a noise-canceling feature. They are equipped with a small microphone that listens to outside voices, then microchips analyze them, and a counter signal blocks them.

When you are looking for headsets, you must ensure that they are comfortable; you cannot spend hours gaming and then sit with an ear ache. Surround sound is also an important feature. Some headsets offer a 360 degree sound, which gives you a competitive edge in gaming. In case if there is a sound coming from behind, you will hear it. If you play Fortnite, you will understand how you can take advantage of this feature.

2. Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards are different from the regular keyboards that you use. If you are thinking, why do I need a special keyboard when I can do just fine with the one I already have, then let us tell you why. For starters, gaming keyboards are designed in a way that your hands don’t hurt if you play for long hours. Moreover, they also feature mechanical keys that are way smoother and easier to work with than your regular keyboard keys. Latest gaming keyboards are also equipped with macros that make your life easier. Macros are keys that you can customize according to your gameplay. How cool is that?

Other than aiding you in your gameplay, lets’ just agree that these gaming keyboards are cool, especially the backlights. Imagine how cool your Instagram feed would look once you add these to your gaming setup.

3. Gaming Mouse

Sometimes you only have milliseconds to beat your enemies, and you cannot afford a mouse with a slow sensor, which is exactly why you need a gaming mouse. Gaming mice come with special optical sensor that reduce lag and consequently improve your chances of winning. Also, some gaming mouse are designed with extra buttons that aid in your gameplay, especially if you are an RTS or MMO gamer.

Some factors that you need to consider before you buy a gaming mouse include its weight and DPI or Dots per inch. DTI measures the rate of pixels your cursor moves on the screen. For a larger screen, you need a higher DPI for a seamless gaming experience.

You should also look for customization. Some mice allow you to customize the buttons and software according to your gameplay. You can also choose the backlights according to your liking.

4. Gaming Router

While your router can work just fine, a gaming router will take the entire experience to next level. Especially if you stream your video games, a good router can make a real difference. Not only does it give you a great experience, but it also ensures that other people in the house can stream and download without experiencing any lags.

When buying a gaming router, you need to see its quality of service, which ensures that it can deliver high graphics without lag. Plus, you need to see if it supports Ethernet connection or not because Ethernet delivers a faster connection than Wi-Fi. If you still prefer Wi-Fi, then go for a router with AC2200 wireless rating or above. It will be a tad expensive, but worth it. Check out the best gaming router reviews, and then make your decision.

5. Mobile controller

You will need this gadget if you are into mobile games. With rapid advancements in cellphones, mobile games have become increasingly popular. There are various platforms such as Unlimited Gamez Mo that offer a plethora of games that you can play on your phones anytime.  With a mobile controller, you can take your gaming on the go and play anywhere and anytime you want to without straining your hand.

The mobile controller you choose will depend on your preference. Some can connect over Bluetooth, while others support USB C or lightning connection. You can opt for one according to the type of games you play.

Mobile gaming is the future and so investing in a mobile controller is the right decision. You can play all the major games on your phone, so it only makes sense if you get a good mobile controller.

Time to up your game

If you want to experience gaming in its true sense, then these are just some of the gadgets that you can add to your arsenal. There are a lot of gadgets in the market, but you can start by adding these. However, before you start spending money, we would recommend you do thorough research and then make an informed decision.

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