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7 Reasons Why Ignoring Responsive Website Design Can Be Costly

A mobile-friendly interface is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s digital world powered by smart devices. The practice of creating multi-device compatible interfaces will prove to be useful for all businesses even those targeting an audience in a specific geographical location. Let’s consider a new enterprise which engages an agency specializing in responsive website design in Vancouver. The mobile-friendly interface helped by effective SEO tactics will be accessed easily by prospective customers in the city. Hiring the Vancouver based web design company will, therefore, prove to be beneficial for the new firm. There are still a lot of people who are ignoring responsiveness and following are the reasons why it can be costly for them:

1. Inability To Target Mobile Users

People are increasingly using smart devices to access the internet and mobile traffic has grown considerably over the past few years. Let’s say the Canadian business owner did not engage a firm for responsive web development in Vancouver. Then it would lose out on the valuable opportunity to target mobile users and its range will be limited to traditional desktop users. In today’s world where mobile usage is continuing to grow in all locations, the absence of a mobile-friendly website will prove to be a costly mistake. People are using smart devices for searching products and services which makes it necessary to create a responsive interface.

2. Failing To Leverage Social Sharing

Social media networks have also seen a significant growth of their user-base after mobile devices became popular. People are also using these networks for connecting with friends but also for doing business. Companies are creating marketing campaigns specifically for these channels in order to target their users. They are sharing their content on social media as well as encouraging visitors to do so. The motive behind social sharing is to bring more traffic to the website which can improve its conversion rate. A website lacking responsive design will be unable to attract such visitors as they will quickly move away because of unsatisfactory user experience. A social marketing strategy can never be successfully implemented without a mobile-friendly interface.

3. Unable To Tap Mobile Users For Ecommerce

Online shopping has also seen a rise with the profusion of mobile devices. People find it convenient to scroll through items on a handheld gadget before proceeding to buy them. Reading product reviews or conducting searches is also very easy for consumers using such devices. Traditional businesses are also investing in online avenues for their enterprises as they do not want to lose their customers to virtual retailers. A store with a regular web design without responsive features will not render perfectly on small screens. This will lead to a high abandonment rate and low sales which will ultimately result in losses for the business.

4. Lack Of Good Website Speed

Responsive design takes into consideration the limited attention span of mobile users and ensures fast loading speed. It is essential as it is generally seen that smart device users are impatient as compared to desktop users. Let’s again go back to our example of the Canadian business owner. In case the entrepreneur decides against engaging a firm for responsive website design in Vancouver, he/she will lose out on a fast interface. People tend to spend more time on websites that do not take much time in rendering. The levels of engagement are also high for such interfaces which leads to a better conversion rate.

5. Inability To Provide An Enhanced User Experience

One of the biggest advantages of a mobile-friendly design is the enhanced user experience it provides to visitors. There is no chance of irregular display and pages will render perfectly irrespective of the screen dimensions. Once the interface provides a seamless experience across all types of devices, it will engage the users in a better manner. They will also return again to enjoy the experience which will ultimately reflect in an improved conversion rate. A website that does not possess responsive features will pose problems to people in navigating through it and reading the content on a small device. The performance of the website will be below optimum levels and lead to a drop in traffic.

6. No Access To Better SEO Capabilities

Google has officially stated that it recommends responsive design and uses it to rank its results. In the search engine giant’s opinion, such a design provides a wholesome and satisfying experience to people. A responsive interface also eliminates the need of two different URLs for two separate versions of the same website. The mobile-first approach that Google recommends also implies that the search engine result pages will feature mobile-friendly websites before listing desktop-only interfaces. A failure to integrate the necessary features in the design will only lead to poor positions in search results.

7. Lose An Opportunity For Cheaper & Easier Website Management

Responsive design ensures that only one website will be needed for desktops as well as mobile devices. This translates into economical web development and also in cheaper website management. An owner who does not invest in such an interface will have to spend considerable time and resources in running and managing two separate websites. He/she will have to keep track of two separate analytics reports which will only increase his/her workload. This will only result in a lost opportunity for much more economical and efficient management of the website.


When the Canadian enterprise decides to finally hire a competent professional for responsive website design in Vancouver, it will ensure that a fast-loading interface with extensive SEO capabilities is created which will help in growing the business.

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