How IoT Plays an Important Role in Home Security?

How IoT Plays an Important Role in Home Security?

The boom of the internet has made everything change for the users, the lifestyle of the millennial are pretty much based on the internet. There are a lot of benefits that one can achieve from the internet, the Internet of Things is the newest technology in the market and it has pretty cool applications for users. We all knew that the technology and the internet have been through a lot of changes over the period of time and this technology is the latest generation of the internet and has a lot to offer its users.

Just like the internet, Internet of Things (IoT) has been through a lot of stages. The current stage of the IoT is ‘IoT for Industries’, it has a lot to offer for the users. Now the IoT for homes is the talk of the town, and it is increasing the hype among many. We all know that IoT is mainly used to connect the individual devices and it is accomplishing the tasks that are assigned to it pitch perfectly. IoT’s prominent objective is to connect the individual devices and the applications are real-time head turners as well as help to solve a lot of daily problems.

Way back a few years ago, IoT was just a technology that helps to connect the software application. Now due to the upgrades, it is possible to provide security to our homes with the help of IoT. The remote access for the homes are adding more vigilance and protection especially when the owner is not in the house, this is widely called ‘IoT for homes’. Some of the points are highlighted in this blog for the notice of others, few such are having a virtual private network for the house and many more.

Home Security to Secure the Homes Using IoT

Connectivity is one of the main concepts of IoT technology, but it offers many other services to users like security. This makes the developers come up with many applications as personalized mobile applications. There are a lot of other services such as Internet gateway for wifi, secure authentication for networks, connecting them all the closed-circuit television cameras into one place for better monitoring, even providing sensors to the entries of the houses to make them act like burglars, all these things are possible with the help of IoT. This is one of the best things when it comes to home security. The security for homes is categorized into 5 parts and let us know deep about each of the parts.


One of the best things about the IoT implemented homes are they help to prevent any breach on the information or it doesn’t grant any access to the people, parties or systems, who are unauthorized. For example, the system maintains information by domain-specific; some of the things that have been concentrated by the IoT are the user identity, and the positions of the devices that share the information that is related to the network.

The data is transmitted to the other devices with the help of the network. One of the important things about the IoT networks is, they are using encryption and decryption in the data transfer. This helps to have a secured network and no eavesdropping can be made during the data transfer and making the message very confidential.

Integrity into the Devices

This is a low point for all the users and this is the primary objective of the technology, IoT is mainly used to get connectivity for the devices and this is one of the best things that the technology offers to its users. All the electronic gadgets and devices can be connected with the help of IoT, for instance, a Smartphone and the TV can be get connected, same with the phone and the washing machine or with the air conditioning machine in the house. All these can be connected with each other devices and can gain a centralized secured access for the users to accomplish a specified task.

Authentication for the Devices

This is the other problem that the technology promises when it comes to IoT for homes, it can’t be granted that anyone who gets to access the mobile phone that is connected to a smart home. Many people would require a authentication for the access of the devices that are connected with the help of IoT, this helps to eliminate the fear of misuse of the technology. Even the data and the information that is stored somewhere with the help of the technology would need an authentication to access all those information.

Internet of Things provides a lot of amenities to the users and it even provides better security even though it provides remote access to its users. So it is possible to lock your house or to turn on or off the electrical devices in your home even without being there in person.


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