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6 Ways You Can Increase Engagement During Your Virtual Event


6 Ways You Can Increase Engagement During Your Virtual Event!

Hosting an online event is no walk in the park. From picking out the right platform to sending out the event invites on time, there are many things you need to consider to ensure a seamless experience. However, among all things, one of the most overlooked elements of an online event is audience engagement. 

But can you plan audience engagement for online events? 

The answer is yes!

By understanding your target audience and employing a few tricks, you can drive higher engagement rates. Read on to learn about the top ways you can host engaging online events and ensure they are successful.

Top Hacks to Rocket Engagement Rates During An Online Event

Choose the Best Virtual Event Platform

Best virtual event platform

The first step towards designing memorable online experiences is finding the best virtual event platform. While this may seem obvious, a recent study showed that 38% of marketers experience technical issues when hosting an online event. Hence, having the right technical tools and support is crucial for hosting a glitch-free online event.

5 Things to Watch Out for When Choosing an Online Platform

  • Choose a Technology That Offers the Best Communication Tools: Offering access to communication and presentation tools can help your attendees express their ideas and ensure better collaboration.
  • Robust Administrative Controls: Whether it is keeping track of event analytics or performing various back-end functions, your virtual event platform must offer robust administrative controls to ensure a hassle-free experience. 
  • Live Streaming Option: Having flexible content delivery options that support live streaming and on-demand delivery can help enhance interaction.
  • Look for Customizable Options: The ability to customize your online event with a unique environment and branding messages can enhance the audience experience. Hence, ensure that the event platform offers you ample customization options. 
  • Analytical Capabilities: Having critical data can help you determine the success of your event and figure out what improvements you can make in the future. So be sure to select a platform that provides data management capabilities.

Add an ‘X’ Factor to Your Online Event

If you want to make the event more engaging for your attendees, it is best to create a unique environment. Reputable companies offer virtual event platform with 3D immersive experiences to add the ‘X’ factor to your online event. With a 3D immersive experience, you can remove monotony, enhance collaboration, and improve interaction.

Easy Ways to Use 3D Immersive Experiences for Your Online Event

  • Create a 3D Avatar: Letting your attendees design their avatars can generate interest and offer various opportunities to explore your event setting. 
  • Design a 3D Immersive Environment: When hosting an online event, you can design a personalized environment that is creative and generates curiosity. From planning a trip to Mars or creating an engaging product demonstration, you can curate a 3D immersive experience that replicates in-person meetings. 
  • Breakout Room: A virtual breakout room is a great way for your attendees to collaborate, solve problems, and brainstorm innovative solutions.

Plan Ice-Breaking Sessions

Using fun and creative ice-breaker activities and games can help you break down communication barriers and build a closer bond with your audience. 

Here are some ice-breaking activities for virtual events:

  • Plan a Fun Q&A Session: Such format allows you to connect with your audience so they can interact in real-time, foster better idea exchange and inspire a debate. 
  • Trivia Quizzes: Everyone loves brain-teasing trivia questions and quizzes. You can add them during the event to enhance audience participation. 
  • Challenge Attendees to a Scavenger Hunt: Let your attendees explore a uniquely designed 3D immersive environment with a scavenger hunt on your virtual event platform.

Prevent Zoom Fatigue with Breaks

Whether online or in-person, some breathing space is essential. While screen fatigue is a common problem during virtual events, you can skilfully plan break sessions as a mood booster.

For instance, if the theme of your session is networking, you can engage the participants with social breaks. These interactive sessions facilitate peer connection for meaningful conversations. On the other hand, if you want to plan educational webinars, you can include interesting exercises to energize the participants and help them become more receptive.

Focus on Event Promotion

Social media channels and event promotion tactics play an essential role in audience engagement during your online event. You can promote your event to create anticipation and excitement and share relevant information to boost event registration.

Tips to Build Buzz Around Your Virtual Event

  • Share What It’s All About: Give your attendees an idea about what the event is about by offering them a glimpse of the guest speakers, the event highlights, and more to ensure the best experience. Moreover, doing so will allow them to know what to expect from your online event.
  • Integrate Personalized Branding: Every virtual event is designed differently. Hence, it is best to include personalized messaging and branding elements throughout the session.
  • Follow-up With Your Attendees: You can create digital touchpoints and follow-ups for your attendees to make them feel valued. 

Ask For Feedback

A survey states that 85% of marketers think that audience satisfaction is one of the most contributing factors for a successful online event. Whether it is about hosting an online event for the first time or the umpteenth time, asking for feedback is the golden rule. You should always know what went well and where you can improve to design meaningful experiences in the future. 

Parting Thoughts

The most critical aspect of hosting an online event is experimenting with ideas and developing efficient communication strategies. By keeping the audience in the centre, you can design an online experience that is creative, engaging and leaves a lasting impression.

Author Bio:

I’m Anupam Paudel, working as a technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology including online event platform, virtual reality, virtual business meetings, online conferences, virtual campus and university campus design. I actively share my thoughts on VR and latest trending technologies. 


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