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6 Ways to Start Kids in Robotics


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When you mention robots to kids, you can expect their eyes to light up. Robotics is a fantastic subject for kids to learn early, but you might think it’s too much for them as an adult. The hardware and coding involved can be daunting, especially if it’s their first foray into code.

Robotics can be fun for kids if you do it the right way. Here are x ways to start kids in robotics and have them see how wonderful the world of technology is.

1. Get Kids Started With Good Media

Getting them interested in robotics first is essential before you even introduce a book or online class to your kids. This starts with the media they watch, so educational videos are crucial. You can find many of them online, TV shows, and streaming sites.

For starters, Youtube channels like ElectroBoom, DroneBot Workshop, and GreatScott are a fantastic gateway for robotics. Older shows like Robot Wars are also perfect for getting kids to see some fun, robot action. If you want something a little more general, Mythbusters has a ton of robotics episodes too.

If you’re looking to inspire a more generalized love for robots, anime is also a fantastic pick. Several anime out there encourage building robots, including Medabots and Rockman.exe. These should help encourage kids that it’s worth their time to learn how to code.

2. Start From The Basics of Robotics

Once your kids are interested in completing robotics projects, it’s time to get on with the basics. It’s hard to underscore the importance of technology when teaching kids how to learn robotics. Start from the basics with STEM robotics training.

For starters, you’ll need a good robot kit. There are several out there, but you’ll want to make sure it’s age-appropriate. There are dozens of kits in the $50-100 range, but most are targeted towards adults.  

Instead, opt for a kit that’s perfect for kids, usually one that offers educational information on how to get started.

You would want to start with a robotics kit like Mindstorms. This is one of the most popular kits for robotics, and it comes with everything you need to get started. If you can, find child-appropriate books on electronics that can help them understand basic concepts like electricity, current, and coding.

3. Build Robotics Projects At Home

Once you’ve introduced your kids to robotics basics, it’s time to take things to the next level. Learning robotics doesn’t need to be confined to a screen, and that’s especially true when you’re teaching kids. You can start building robot projects at home.

As we noted, kits will help parents and kids alike put into practice what they learn in theory. Robotics kits also come with a booklet that shows you how to assemble the device and build several robots. This is a great place to start, but you should also encourage your kids to build their own robots. 

Even without robot kits, you can start buying small parts for simple machines. Together with simple motors, actuators, and remote circuits, some LEGO bricks can help make the difference.

4. Encourage Social Clubs

Robotics can be a rather solitary practice, but that’s not all it has to offer. Kids can learn robotics in social clubs and events, which can be fun. These clubs help kids meet like-minded peers in their area, and they can help show them that robotics is for everyone.

There are a few social clubs for robotics out there, and your kids might be able to find one in their local area. Most areas have small groups of students who want to learn robotics. Find these groups, and you should be good to go. 

Check out Facebook groups, your child’s school, and the like. Make sure they are suitable for their abilities and interests. Engineering and robotics introductory workshops are also available, offering a good learning foundation alongside peers with similar experiences.

5. Take Online Courses 

Robotics can also be done online, and there are several online courses that you cater to kids. These courses will help your kids build the skills they need to complete a robotics project, and they can also help teach them about coding and engineering. 

Online courses are generally free, especially for those from schools looking to build a following. The best ones come from top universities like MIT, Harvard, and Berkeley. These courses are usually targeted towards older kids and adults, but they can be excellent places to start. 

While online courses are excellent for introducing kids to robotics, you should make sure you supervise them. Some courses have a minimum age requirement, so you might want to check first before signing up. If you find it hard to find a course that fits your kid’s needs, there are also paid online courses targeted at kids.

6. Introduce Educational Apps and Games

One of the major challenges of robotics is the programming part, as it entails a good understanding of code. Regardless, your kids would need to learn it to move on. There are several ways to connect with your child and help them with the programming.

One of the best ways to introduce kids to robotics might be through apps and games. These are easy-to-use and can help kids learn the basics of robotics without getting too technical. 

Several apps and games out there can help your kids learn the basics of robotics, but you’ll need to do your homework. Just reading reviews won’t help, as there are several bad apps. Instead, look for recommended apps and games that teach your kids the basics. 

Even younger kids can learn robotics, thanks to educational apps. You can get them started even before they can read, thanks to interactive games. You can add other apps into the mix as they get older, including educational games.

The Bottom Line

Robotics can be a daunting subject, but it’s undoubtedly worth introducing it to your kids. You get them to learn how to code and build robots, which can help them be more tech-savvy in the future. What’s more, robotics is a lot of fun, and your kids won’t realize it’s educational.

Robotics might seem intimidating to adults, but kids find it a magical world. With these tips, you can help your kids build the skills they need to start a robotics project at home.


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