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6 Productive Career Choices for the U.S Graduates


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Graduating with top grades certainly opens up a plethora of career choices for youngsters. Especially when you are in the USA, there are ample career options to sign up for. However, you need to figure out the one that is worth your time and energy. Not all career choices are meant for every single being under the sun. You can be a professional essay writer and a school teacher at the same time. But you need to identify the profession you are genuinely interested in. You have to identify your niches, inclinations, industry knowledge and other facets.

Based on a thorough evaluation of each of the aforementioned aspects, one must move ahead with his/her decision. Before everything else, one must get introduced to the varied career options available in the first place.

So, read through this blog and explore the six best career choices you can consider in the United States of America.

Here you go!

1. Software Developer

The software industry in the USA is flourishing with each passing day. So, if you are a computer science graduate and looking forward to building your career in a better manner, opt for this lucrative career option and never look back.

Have a look below to get the hang of your key professional expertise in this matter.

  • Honing programming expertise across all essential areas such as C, C++, Java, Python, PASCAL and more
  • Being able to run the right code, identify buggy codes and fix the same with precision
  • The ability to take up bulk client projects and wrap them up within the assigned deadline

Salary: $103,000 (approx.) per annum

2. Online educator

Now that the pandemic has raised havoc and almost half of the world population are still under lockdown, online tutoring, as a profession, is getting the right boost at this moment. So, if you have a strong inclination towards academics and has a flair for teaching, then grabbing the job of an online educator will be beneficial for you.

Here are the key responsibilities you need to carry out as a digital educator.

  • Being able to offer customized assignment, case study, coursework and essay help on time
  • The ability to elaborate on complex topics with relevant and lucid explanations
  • Excellent communication skills and the expertise to conduct online classes with equal attention on each and every participant

Salary: $79,540 (Approx.) per annum

3. Financial Manager

Some jobs are never out of fashion. The job of a financial manager is definitely one of them. You can either join a renowned finance house in the U.S, or start your own venture. The choice is yours.

However, the basic job responsibilities remain the same irrespective of whether you choose to go solo or join an organization.

Here’s everything you need to know.

  • The ability and professional expertise to work for any kind of organization including government agencies, non-profit organizations and private businesses.
  • The person should be able to create lucidly explained financial reports, audit status and the likes.
  • Also, the financial manager should hold expertise in the matter of studying the market thoroughly and advising clients with the right investment plans.

Salary: Lower median scale of$76,800 (Approx.)

4. IT Security Analyst

IT security analysts are in great demand as more and more business houses are seen to be vulnerable in the hands of security threats, malware attacks and the likes. So, if you are an IT graduate or have a flair for security analysis, go grab this amazing opportunity for a prosperous career ahead.

Now, let’s take a look at the key responsibilities you should carry out as an IT security analyst.

  • The personnel should be in-charge of working for companies across many domains such as computing, insurance, finance, consultation and the likes.
  • You can either work on a full-time or freelance basis. However, you need to acknowledge client deadlines and come up with timely solutions.
  • Also, a professional IT security analyst should be in sync with the latest security information across his/her domain of expertise.
  • One must also pay heed to the criticalities concerning the emergence or use of harmful software and the likes.
  • In addition, the analyst should be able to delve deeper into the root cause of the security hack/breach, instead of suggesting only a couple of generic solutions.

Salary: Median salary of $99,730 (Approx.).

5. Occupational Therapist

The job role and the professional growth of an occupational therapist is apparently on the rise, these days. So, if you are a graduate student with specialization in medical science and occupational therapies, then bag this professional gateway and have a prosperous career ahead.

Now, let’s have a look at the primary job responsibilities an occupational therapist should carry out.

  • The therapist should hold the medical expertise in helping victims with occupational injuries, burns, disabilities and illnesses.
  • In addition, he/she should learn how to be compassionate with the victims and heal their souls even before healing the wounds.
  • The person should be comfortable in working across different areas including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, colleges, warehouses, and residents as well.

Salary: $84,930 per year (Approx.)

6. Digital marketeer

In this world of rapid digital advancement across multiple professional domains, most business houses have gone virtual. Thus, the demand for professionally active and experienced digital marketeers are gaining much prominence. So, if you are student of marketing and wish to explore the digital space of advertisement and communication, then this job is definitely for you.

Here’s a glimpse of the key job responsibilities of an ambitious digital marketeer.

  • You should acquire good knowledge about the digital marketing trends in your niche of expertise.
  • One must be able to harness the fullest potential of digital marketing tools such as Ahrefs, Slack, Trello, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and more.
  • Also, the person should hone the skills to create virtual marketing roadmaps, elaborate on the same and help clients achieve the desired results in the long run.
  • Most importantly, an ideal digital marketing should work in unison with the SEO team and brainstorm over page ranking essentialities from time to time.

Salary: A median annual salary of $125.510 (Approx.)

Parting Thoughts,

Now that you are well-aware of the six most lucrative and promising career choices one can opt for, right after graduation in the U.S, make the best use of this blog. Read through it well and embrace the opportunities that would suit best for you.

Remember, career choices should be made solely on the basis of your professional inclinations, areas of academic specialization and expertise.

Good luck and cheers!

Author Bio:

Clara Smith is an experienced academic essay writer, working on behalf of the digital space Also, she is a freelance blogger, academic counselor and journalist, coming all the way from Chicago, the United States.


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