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5 Tips to Overhaul Your Website for a Better Customer Experience


Whether you’re looking to improve the customer experience on your existing website or want to overhaul your entire site, you must first connect the dots between the performance of your current website and the behavior of your customers. By doing so, you can differentiate elements that are working and those that aren’t. Only then can you know what to keep and what to discard. Without this, your new website design could simply reproduce the issues that plague your current one.

Getting Customer Experience Feedback

While getting customer experience feedback from your website is no easy task, it is essential for business success. Not only does it improve the customer experience, but it can also improve your conversion rates and reduce your need for customer service. A proactive approach to getting feedback from your customers is essential to ensure you are on the pulse of your community. Here are some tips to get the most out of your customer feedback program.

First, consider what type of feedback your customers are giving you. If your products are education-heavy, you may need to create a ‘how it works’ page where potential customers can ask questions and find answers. Another effective strategy is to collect customer feedback through email. You can use an embedded form created by Google Form or create a contact form that customers can use to give feedback. The more detailed and complete your feedback form is, the more likely customers are to respond and share their feedback.

Use a Personal Chat Box to Engage Visitors

If you’re interested in using a personal chat box to engage visitors on site, you’ve come to the right place. There are several reasons to use this feature. The first is that live chat is more effective than other forms of contact, according to Kirk Parsons, Senior Director of J.D. Power. You’ll also retain more customers if you offer this service, since not all visitors will buy from you right away.

A personal chat box can increase website conversions by more than threefold. It draws attention from visitors and is easy to install on your site. You can install it in any place, such as in the HEAD section of your website. You can use a tool such as Google Tag Manager to install it. Test it on an incognito browser to avoid causing any inconvenience. This chat box can boost your social media engagement by 10X and turn your Instagram followers into a revenue generator.

Customer Sentiment on Website Experience

One of the most effective ways to improve the customer experience is to monitor customer sentiment. While customer sentiment doesn’t speak for a brand as a whole, it can help shape the buying experience of a customer. For example, certain teams, products, and days of the week can lead to positive or negative feedback. However, negative feedback can cost a brand a customer. On average, half of all customers will defect to a competitor after a negative experience, and the number can reach 80% if a negative experience occurs several times.

Although many business metrics can be quantified, customer sentiment provides a more qualitative assessment of success. While you can measure how many people recommend your website or product, you can’t measure the amiability of your customer support team. However, customer sentiment surveys allow you to ensure that the human touch isn’t lost during the transaction. In addition to gauging customer satisfaction, you can also learn what needs improving. You can also outsource a Ui/UX design company to make your website super user friendly for you.

Get Feedback Upon Exit to Detect Intent

To increase conversion rates and lower bounce rates, businesses should get feedback upon exit to improve their website. However, exit intent surveys are annoying and oftentimes hard to close. Make them easy to close to reduce frustration. Forcing users to take them will only worsen their experience. This article will help you get feedback upon exit to improve customer experience. Identify what customers want and create valuable content for them.

Detect exit intent with popups. You can display a popup when a visitor leaves your website, and ask them to subscribe to your email list or provide feedback about their experience. Exit-intent popups should also provide a better customer experience. It is important to design each exit intent popup to ensure a good user experience. Once you’ve designed your popup, you can start making it as useful as possible.


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