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5 Secrets to Mastering Explosive Event Marketing


The landscape of event marketing is getting increasingly competitive by the day as brands are ready to go to any extent to create space for themselves. The number of trade shows, expos and industry fairs is growing every year as the fight for attaining brand exposure is sterner than ever before. Naturally, more is spent on event as businesses somehow believe there are some secrets to give success to their event. After all, an event is successfully only when both the concerned parties – attendees and exhibitors- are happy. This is why you need experts to deliver amazing results with event and help boost the ROI along the way.

Here are 5 secrets to mastering explosive event –

1. Strategic digital promotion

You need a strategic approach to promotion when it comes to spreading the word about the event. No matter whether it’s a B2B or trade show or any event, there has to be a meticulous plan in place to achieve success with event. A lot of companies follow this rule and they trust digital marketing to do the job.

You can benefit from the clout of digital channels and make the event deliver more value easily. You can leverage two of most potent components of digital promotion – social networks and email marketing – and get the job done in a productive manner. If social networks help take event to the wider audience, email can let you reach out to prospects personally.

2. Free samples, gifts and goodies

If you want to increase interest in your event, the focus should on preparing to give value to the people you expect as attendees. Giving away exclusive goodies can work magic and bring a crowd to the event. A lot of companies try the route of offering free samples and gifts to catch the attention of the people and you can do the same easily.

Giving away free gifts is a way to show gratitude towards attendees for sparing their valuable time for your event and this goes a long way in winning their trust. Some of your exhibitors may too take this route and add to the success of the event. This technique always works and pays handsome returns as you could use it anytime.

3. Attention-grabbing physical branding

Physical branding is equally important to extracting value out of the event. The venue itself needs to look and feel as an extension of the branding effort. You can this put up charming displays and ensure that the name and branding ideas or messages get stand out for everyone to see and understand.

When the venue is decked up, it helps invites know the details and specifics without much trouble. You can leverage point of sale and catch attention and convey brand messaging easily. Some companies put up gifts and samples in a display unit to achieve branding goals easily.

4. Use PR to advantage

The use of PR has always been beneficial for spreading words about events. And if you think there is something to share with the world, you can use the press to won advantage. Press release can be part of the event marketing strategy helping you detail everything for the benefit of target audience.

PR not only helps boosts online exposure but can also be helpful in drawing attention of the local community. Apart from building attendee numbers, the use of PR will also help add credibility to the event as it gets coverage in a reputable publication. So, take this route and make your event a hit in every season.

5. Benefit from the power of technology

Today a lot of brands have understood the value of using technology to attain value for their event. You too can do the same and enhance attendees experiences easily. There are systems and software that can be used to give a memorable experience to people who attend the event.

The use of technology in event production or in audio or video or visuals can help achieve you success easily. So, it’s always better to use the tech in consultation with an expert and give your event the direction and success it deserves. These event techniques will prove decisive in brand building measures.


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