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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Mobile Advertising


At this moment in time, it is clear that mobile marketing is not only one of the newest forms of digital marketing that are present on the market, but also a great solution which can definitely boost the popularity of any product, or service, regardless of genre.

For those who do not know, mobile marketing is often classed as any form of marketing activity which can be conducted through a network that the users are actively connected to via their mobile phones.

In a recent report crafted by the folks behind Website Builder, 5 of the best reasons why people should invest in mobile advertising have also been outlined.

Mobile Advertising has a sturdy history

The history of anything that people may invest to is extremely important, given the fact that it showcases how a product or trend has grown over the years. In the case of mobile advertising, the first mobile ad shared via SMS was in 2000, whereas in 2002, SMS has become the newest mass media channel being used throughout the world. In 2010, QR codes were first implemented in mobile marketing, as Apple also released their initial mobile advertising platform, known as IAD. In 2012, Facebook proceeded to launch mobile ads on its mobile app, whereas in 2013, revenues from mobile marketing soared over $3 billion. In 2016, mobile devices first managed to overtake desktop computers in terms of the internet users worldwide. In 2017, mobile commerce managed to increase by 34%, and analysis shows that global transactions will likely manage to double this year alone.

Desktop vs Mobile comparisons

Studies showcase that conversion rates are currently of 2.06% for desktop, and 0.55% for mobile, yet mobile marketing has upper ground in terms of other trends. CTR for mobile platforms is situated at 2.7%, and at 2.1% for desktops; the CPM is at 12.4% for mobile, and 10.4% for desktops. Internet usage, on the other hand, exceeds 51% for mobile, whereas in terms of people digital attention, the percentage lays at 68% for mobile, and 32% for desktop. Ad spending is a bit lower for mobile, which is good news, as it’s situated at 49% for mobile, and 51% for desktop platforms.

The rise of M Commerce

Mobile commerce also has an important influence on the market, considering the fact that 4 out of 5 people use smartphones to do their shopping, whereas 25% of mobile retailers also saw a 50% increase in revenue coming from mobile-based sales. Predictions state that mobile commerce will soon rake around $90 billion in sales and that 30% of all e-commerce sales will come from the United States in the year of 2018.

The benefits associated with mobile advertising

Currently, media brands have devoted over 51% of their digital advertising funds to spend on mobile marketing, whereas for Facebook, their mobile ads currently make up 79% of the company’s total revenue.

Mobile email is also actively growing

The analysis shows that at this moment in time, 69% of emails are opened on mobile devices, thus surpassing desktop opens for emails.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, if these 5 facts haven’t convinced you to invest, and hence, the market in the industry, the growth will surely continue and there are many other facts that put mobile advertising above the traditional, desktop-based forms of advertising.

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