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5 Reasons Why You Must Have A Dog


It is a known reality that dogs are human’s best friends. A study suggests that dog owners are among the happiest people in the world. Their happy faces and energetic vibes can brim anyone’s life with fun, adventure, and seamless joy. These extraordinary companions to humans bring a lot more to their owners’ life than happiness. They can influence good health, improve social interactions, and protect them from harm.

Dogs are human's best friends.


Here are top 5 reasons why owning a dog can make life brisk and blissful.

1. They Help Stay In Shape

The importance of staying active for overall physical and mental wellbeing is known to us all. At least two hours of moderate exercise is recommended per week to stay in good shape and health. And dogs can make sure individuals reach this goal easily. Owning a dog means playing with them and taking them on walks every day. They help teach this habit in their owners, helping them stay on track with their fitness. It can be a good physical activity even for senior individuals in their 70s or 80s as it is not too exerting but is regular and good for health.

Dogs can also become the best companions to help lose weight. Regular walking with dogs contributes to moderate exercise for at least 20 minutes per day. A study shows that public housing residents who were walking loaner dogs lost 14.4 pounds on an average over a year. During the winters you can enjoy a comfortable walk with your dog by getting the cozy fashion Dog Sweaters.

Reasons you must have a dog.


Consistency is a crucial component of weight loss, and the advantage of owning a dog is that they make the physical activity more regular and scheduled. Individuals take it up as a responsibility towards their furry friends, which also benefits them.

2. They Can Enhance Mental Wellness

Challenges in workplaces and everyday lives, in general, contribute to a lot of stress that influences mental wellbeing. Dogs are the perfect pets to cope with everyday stress and problems. Several workplaces have started keeping dogs as companions within the premises to distress employees and help them feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Spending time with visiting therapy dogs has proven effective in relaxing employees and students and helping them enhance productivity. Playing with them or cuddling them increases the happy hormone concentration in the body that copes with stress. It helps individuals feel euphoric, excited, and ready to perform better. They increase mindfulness that reflects well on their work and performance.

Dogs Can Enhance Mental Wellness


Similarly, having a dog at home can also help. They help to keep the mind engaged and make it easy to live in the moment. Spending some time with them makes individuals laugh, play, and declutter their minds after a tough day at work or at school to feel at ease. It can improve their mood throughout the rest of the day and help them achieve good sleep at night.

3. They Enhance Social Interactions

A study conducted shows that UK residents who are dog owners are likely to communicate with other dog owners than people without dogs. It makes perfect sense as owning a dog means taking them out for a walk with proper dog leashes to the park or lake where it is common to meet other dog owners. Dogs are fantastic ice breakers. With age, it gets harder to meet people and dogs become a catalyst to social interaction in many cases.

Dog owners love the company of their animal and admire and enjoy others’ pets as well. It brings up causal topics to discuss with the other person and lubricates the conversation. They might enjoy sharing favorite stories of their pets that might begin a good friendship.

Dogs Enhance Social Interactions


Dogs are also a good company for kids to enhance their social skills. They are amazing listeners without any criticism that motivates children to interact with them without any fear. It helps to teach them important values such as responsibility, loyalty, and love for animals and nature.

4. They Can Help Through Depression, PTSD, And Other Mental Health Problems

Several studies show that interaction with dogs can reduce the chances of developing ailments, including cardiovascular diseases. They also come in handy for individuals suffering from mental health conditions such as depression and PTSD. Studies show that people who own dogs show a lower risk of developing depression than individuals without dogs.

One of the many reasons behind this is that addiction, depressive disorders, suicidal thoughts are common among individuals who suffer from loneliness. They may suffer from a feeling of abandonment, hopelessness, unworthiness. Dogs provide them with the required emotional support. They are loyal and enthusiastic companions who improve mood and keep the individuals engaged and active.

They Can Help Through Depression, Mental Health Problems


Trained dogs make amazing companions to veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Dogs understand when their owner is suffering or in distress and run to their help or company. It can help them cope with the negative feelings associated with certain incidents and feel better with time when combined with therapy and medication.

5. They Are Loyal Friends and Protectors

Dogs are incredible and intelligent companions and loyal friends to their owners. They brim the house with vibrant energy and never let anyone feel lonely. They are loyal companions who stand by their owners no matter the situation. They are extremely social, intuitive, patient, cheerful, and love the company of their owners. They understand and communicate with humans well and are very obedient.

Dogs Are Loyal Friends and Protectors


Dogs can also sense the onset of certain health problems, such as seizures suggests a study. They can detect seizures at least 15 minutes before the occurrence, which can be a good warning for patients. They can also get help in case of fall injuries among older folks and protect children from harm.

Dogs are also very protective of their humans. They are alert and active and bark in the presence of strangers. They observe keenly the changes or abnormal activities in the surroundings that can help individuals feel safe. They can be an efficient home safety measure and extraordinary companions who can keep you healthy and happy. Dogs can be more than just pets, a furry soulmate.


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