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5 major security threats for  the network in 2019


I remember a childhood warning stranger danger during times when there used to happen any test. The last some years have seen some of the most severe and frequent security threats, and attacks against businesses in various industries.

As security professionals are preparing against network breaches and different types of network security threats plus risks, we need to become aware of the emerging cyber threats in 2019 to ensure network security and system security.

We can’t predict kinds of cyber threats in the digital world or digital threats. However, I had prepared a list of the top nine network security threats we can expect in 2019.

Cybersecurity threats in a network are a severe problem in our software-hardware system. Once they enter into your computer, it is quite challenging to remove it without taking any external help.

Viruses, worms, malware, ATPs (Advanced Persistent Threats), DDoS attacks, and ransomware all are a decade older. We must accept the fact that these cybersecurity threats are intended to hijack your computer and steal your bank credentials, passwords, social media accounts, etc.

But, if you get aware of each of these security threats and attacks, then you can possibly take some actions against them. Let’s get started without wasting any time!

Rogue security software

Leveraging the fear of viruses, worms, and malware, scammers, and cyber attackers now have new ways to commit internet fraud activities.

Rogue security software is one such malicious software which misleads users to believe that there is a computer virus installed on their system, and their security measures aren’t updated.

Then they are offered to install a few security settings. They’ll either ask you to download their fake security program for removing the alleged viruses and digital threats or pay them a few amounts in order to leave your computer.

However, I’ll suggest not to follow any procedure because both cases lead to actual malware in your computer.


Botnets are potent networks of compromised machines remotely controlled and used to launch attacks and threats in a network of massive scale, including millions of Zombie computers.

Botnets are controlled by C&C networks or the C2 servers that are run by the hackers. They launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks to a target website such that it can’t process any legitimate requests.

In fact, DDOS attacks sometimes completely crash the targeted site and continue the offense unless the website owner pays a ransom. Botnets attack secure systems at a low attack frequency to avoid detection but perform a massive brute-force attack.

To prevent botnets security threats in cloud computing, never let your machine to become zombies and avoid infection from worms and viruses.

Also, keep the best antivirus software and security software which is capable of working online, offline, and both.

Exploit Kits

Over the years, hackers have found ways to automate and exploit users systems. These ways of exploiting our computers, machines, and smartphones are exploit kits sold on the dark web.

The pre-planned attack works in several stages. First, the user’s system navigates to a landing page, after the discovery of vulnerabilities, the compromised website then divert web traffic to the exploit, eventually causing the malicious payload to download itself.

Network security threats and solutions include antivirus, antimalware, anti-threat system, and intrusion preventions systems which on regular update prevent our computers and machine.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are social engineering attacks that are designed to steal banking credentials, personal financial information, social media logins, and other types.

In fact, these attacks come from a trusted source, from impersonating websites, contacts, banking institutions, etc.

Once you reply to there messages, spammers or hackers put you in a situation to use your credentials and enter your financial details. And once you hit the buttons, the information is sent directly to the malicious sources.

Such attacks are major security threats in eCommerce whose vigilance is critical. Unfortunately, phishing attacks are very harmful security threats whose avoidance is hard.

One suggestion from our side to avoid such attacks is, always click wisely any external email link, or the attached URL. Enter the URL manually, and be 100% sure of the sources that seem fraudulent.


One of the famous and emerging cyber threats in 2019 is crypto mining or cryptocurrency mining. Hackers found ingenious ways to utilize hardware resources for their financial gain.

By tricking victims into loading mining codes onto their computers, hackers target CPU’s processing resources and mine for cryptocurrency which impact the performance of their computer systems.

Considering this cyber threat in digital era as the most powerful network security threat is a no mistake. Cryptojacking attacks and steals CPU resources, not to corrupt your data but to use your machine as theirs without your knowledge and permission.

It seems a difficult task to find out all the latest cyber threats, network security threats, and solutions against the rapidly advancing hacker attacks.

Learn more about these threats, install best anti-threat systems, antivirus, antimalware, anti-exploits, etc. and keep yourself connected with us to find more ways of avoiding network security threats.

Author Bio:

Alisha is a content writer and director of operations. She writes for various industries like travel, wildlife, history, art, and of course technology! She works with B2B and B2C businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.


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