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5 Key Aspects of Converting HTML To WordPress


Converting HTML To WordPress

Websites have become important for everyone and businesses are investing in website development heavily around the world. Today, many methodologies and advanced technologies are being used to develop websites and the advent of content management systems increased the pace of website development. WordPress is very popular and it is a widely used content management system. It offers excellent features and provides a very user-friendly interface. HTML to WordPress has become very popular today and this has emerged as the best way to create customized websites.

Here are some benefits of HTML to WordPress services

Since WordPress is a top-rated website development platform, most businesses and entrepreneurs prefer this CMS to create their websites. However, every business has a unique identity that has to be maintained to get an edge over competitors. Consequently, businesses are using HTML to WordPress conversion services to build unique and attractive websites. They get numerous benefits by converting HTML templates to WordPress themes be it responsiveness or search engine optimization. There are many aspects of converting HTML to WordPress themes and you can benefit from it in terms of tailor-made websites.

Here are the 5 aspects of HTML to WordPress conversion

1. Dynamic website

If you have an HTML template then it is of no or little use to you because it is static. So, you need to convert this HTML template into a WordPress theme to build a dynamic website for your business. WordPress is the right choice to create a dynamic website because you can easily find the best developers to create your site. WordPress websites are easy to create, manage, and update. But HTML websites are static and they have lots of pages hard-coded in the front-end technologies that aren’t to manage.

2. Huge community of developers

WordPress has a huge community of developers, users, and other supporters. You can easily find qualified developers for your project to create a perfect website for your business. This huge community of varied stakeholders is also useful when you need some kind of support or help to manage your site or resolve issues. The community also keeps providing new updates about the CMS as well as provides fixes for vulnerabilities in the system.

3. SEO-friendly website

If you choose to convert HTML to WordPress with the help of a proficient developer you get the chance to create an SEO-friendly website. The developer can help you to build a search engine-friendly website. Moreover, WordPress has many SEO-friendly features that enable you to develop search engine-friendly websites. Hence by opting for HTML to WordPress conversion, you can develop a search engine-friendly website that will benefit your business with more web traffic.

4. Customized website

As we have already talked about it, through HTML to WordPress conversion you can develop a highly customized website that consists of features that meet your specific business requirements. Hence you will have a unique website that fulfills your needs as well as sets you apart from competitors.

5. Cost-effectiveness

The main reason behind the success of WordPress is cost. Being an open-source and free website development platform, WordPress is known for creating cost-friendly websites. You need to spend only on hosting, domain, and other such services. Thus you can create a cost-effective website by choosing HTML to WordPress conversion.

How does the process of HTML to WordPress conversion work?

Finally, we will look at the process of converting HTML templates into WordPress themes here. Although you can hire web expert to accomplish this process, we will go through the manual conversion process here.

Step 1: Create a folder and necessary files

The first step is about creating a folder that will hold all the files and material related to your site. And, create varied files related to your website in this folder. So, go to the desired location on your desktop then create a folder there for your website theme. Give a name to the folder. You can give any name but it should be reasonable so that you will easily identify it. After creating the folder now create a few files in it like index.php, style.css, header.php, footer.php, etc.

Step 2: Copy styles code from CSS file

You will need a style.css file for your WordPress and you can create this file by copying the code from your existing CSS file into your WordPress style file. Add the following content at the top of the style file.


Theme Name: Add the theme name here

Theme URI: Add your theme’s URL here

Description: Add a brief description here

Version: 1.0

Author: Add your signatures

Author URI: Add your site address


Save the file after all editing work.

Step 3: Divide your HTML

WordPress supports PHP files, so you need to build PHP files for every part of your site. You have already created varied files like index.php, header.php previously. Now edit these files and add corresponding HTML code along with PHP code in these files. Like, add the header section code in HTML to your header.php file.

Step 4: Finalize the index.php file

This is the file that will load other files in your site’s directory that you have created previously. You will need to add PHP code to this file. So you need to ensure that it calls up other sections. Like your need to put code <? PHP get_header()?; > to call up the header section of your site. Finally, you need to add the WordPress loop.

Step 5: Upload the theme

Once you have created all the files that are stored in your theme folder, you are ready to upload them to your website. To do this, you need to place the theme folder in /wp-admin/themes/ and after this go to WP Admin dashboard > Appearance > Themes to find and activate your newly created theme.

Final note

WordPress is counted as a leading content management system when it comes to developing websites for a wide range of business verticals. It offers outstanding features for developing websites and provides an easy way for developers to create websites. Different developers and businesses prefer WordPress over other website development platforms to build websites.

You can choose an HTML to WordPress conversion company and create a customized website for your business that will fulfill all your needs. You can rely on WordPress to develop any kind of web solution as per your needs and requirements. WordPress offers lots of plugins and themes that allow customization and build varied websites easily.

Author Bio:

Ethan Rodriguez is an experienced front-end developer at CSSChopper which is a prominent front-end and custom web development company. He loves coding and a front-end WordPress developer also enjoys writing blogs and articles in his free time. He writes informative blogs and articles to spread knowledge and information to his audience.

I am Lucia by profession a blogger, tech geek and much interested in exploring digital world and new technology. I am also a mother, wife. I really loving fashion things and travelling.


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