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We can’t deny the fact that today, PPC campaigns are the goose that lays the golden eggs of Digital Marketing strategies. Not only PPC campaigns turn out to be simple and economic, but also they have been proven to be a fairly effective way to bring qualified traffic to a website.

Then it is when raises the big question, Why is this method of Digital Marketing so powerful?
We can provide up to 7 reasons why:

1-The potential customer is a user who is familiar with Search engines as most of the population does nowadays.

2-It is the user itself who carries out a specific search so there is a high rate of search segmentation.

3-Format is barely intrusive and 100% active.

4-Strategy is based on Results marketing.

5-Segmentation makes possible to outreach users that are genuinely interested in buying that product

6-Reasonably affordable for small, medium and big companies

7-Advertiser manages the costs as it chooses how much it will pay for lead.

However, on this post we won’t focus only on highlighting the benefits that PPC marketing brings to the table, but provide with a basic guide on how to build a successful landing page that turns the traffic brought in by PPC strategies into a potential customer.

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First of all, if we want to develop a successful landing page, we need to be aware of the relevance that lies in it. If we launched a well-structured marketing campaign based on PPC on search engines, we will be drawing the attention of a number of potential customers into our website, but why is that essential that we build a proper landing page? As simple as it gets:

The spans of users attention are limited and brief. So no matter if the creativities and Advs provided by an advertiser have initially awakened interest in the user, if that potential customer ends up on a landing page that is not correlated with the content advertised previously, then his/her attention and interest will drown and we will lose the sales opportunity. All the efforts to bring users to our site will be wasted if we lose their attention at first glance.

It will be ideal if a “guide site” could be designed to lead the user through the marketing campaign onto the website.

It is a big mistake made by many unexperienced businesses when carrying out a PPC campaign: there is not enough correlation between the campaign and the landing page. Or even worse, the user is sent right into the website home where is certainly easy to get lost and drop the interest that brought them there. So, it is essential to remark the importance of designing a proper Landing page that meets the requirements to improve the potential customer experience.

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There are 3 key steps to build the perfect landing page:

1-Always bear in mind the key components to generate a good offer: Product, price, incentive, deadlines, payment facilities. All these elements must be visibly present and lead the user attention to buying.

2-Message must be clear and structured. It should result in attractive and captive user attention to want to know more about the product or service and the benefits out of buying it.

3-Text must be relevant and be addressed to the user and the more personal the best. Objectives and benefits should be visible at a first glace, so the user will be captived by a promise or the benefits of buying for then stick to reading further engaging information that leads to carrying out the ultimate action of making the payment. Texts shouldn’t be longer than 15 words under any circumstances.

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These are the 3 key points to keep in mind when we decide to design a successful landing page. Although, in order to be able to put into practice these techniques we need to find out more about the tools required to develop our Landing page. This task can be carried out by HTML experts or anyone with a basic command of WordPress, Joomla and their predesigned templates. Some of these templates that are made specially for small entrepreneurs and business owners so that they can develop their own landing pages in a few simple steps.

Herewith a shortlist of some of these resources where to start to create a landing page:

2-WP Bakery
3-Lander App

Without any doubt, following the guidelines of this post you might become more familiar with a landing page benefits and how to take the first steps into creating your own landing page to promote your business.

Article written by Raquel Rozada SEO copywriter for a London-based PPC agency

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