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3 Common Methods Used To Prevent Identity Theft


Operating in the digital space poses significant risks to your privacy, especially if you enjoy using social media, crypto, and third-party applications. Protecting yourself is essential so that you don’t fall victim to malicious criminals. Here are three common methods used to prevent identity theft.

Track Accounts and Personal Information

First, you should keep close tabs on any personal information stored online, on your devices, or in physical documents. Your bank accounts, social security numbers, and date of birth falling into the wrong hands can all pose significant problems.

It’s good practice to limit the amount of information you post online. Only provide details that are absolutely necessary for using vital services. To avoid spam and phishing attempts, you should keep your phone number, address, and other contact details private.

Document and Drive Destruction

Keeping track of your information is only half the battle. At a certain point, you’ll probably want to discard or delete items that have changed or become outdated. Unfortunately, deleting items from your computer isn’t enough to completely wipe it from the drive.

Document and drive destruction services make it easier to dispose of vulnerable information without exposing it to the public. Shredding services can prevent identity theft by completely destroying any devices or documents that contain private data.

Use Strong Passwords and Authentication Techniques

Even if you protect all your assets and limit what information you provide online, breaches are still possible. Good credential management provides a final line of defense against criminals who want to steal your identity, giving you time to act.

Good password management involves keeping all your credentials safe and secure. You should never give them to other people, and avoid storing them in online accounts. Passwords should be long and complicated to make them harder to crack. You can use multi-factor authentication for additional security.

Keep Your Digital Life Safe From Malicious Actors

In both the physical and digital world, there are countless threat actors waiting to take advantage of your mistakes. Luckily, various trusted practices can keep you safe. With these common methods used to prevent identity theft, you can stay a step ahead.


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