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10 Different Types of Backpacks in 2020


How to choose a perfect backpack according to your need.


Are you searching for different types of backpacks and guidelines when to use them? Planning for the vacation and want a perfect backpack? Are you unable to find your perfect backpack for the trip?

Well, you have arrived at the right place. Backpacks are like the third pockets to keep all your essential stuff safe and secure with yourself.

In this article, you will get to know about:

  • Different types of backpack
  • How to choose a perfect backpack according to your need.

First, before purchasing any types of backpacks you must know your requirements. Every backpack has its own purpose and style. If you want to enjoy your journey as hands-free then all you need is a suitable backpack.

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10 Different Types of Backpacks in 2020

You know how important backpacks are for day to day activities. You won’t find anything better than your trusty backpack to carry all your essential loads as long as you want.

Each backpack is designed for a specific purpose. A backpack is an important accessory for both kids and adults. From major to minor purposes, you need a perfect backpack whenever you step outside of your house.

Here are the top 10 different types of backpacks which you must know in 2020,

1. Travel Backpack:

A travel backpack is used for travelling purposes and is popularly known as a knapsack backpack. This type of backpack is made up of ultra-strong nylon.

It has several zipper compartments and has a back panel which makes it convenient for travellers. In this backpack, you can hold your stuff up to 70 litres.

2. Drawstring Backpack:

This type of backpack is popularly known as a Duffle Bag. The drawstring backpack is generally used for lightweight travelling. It is made up of non-woven material.

This type of backpack is mostly used by students of all age groups for daily purposes. If you are a gymer then you can use this backpack for carrying your extra shoes or clothes to the gym. This backpack will carry your extra loads and makes your task simple.

3. Laptop Backpack:

Laptop backpacks are generally used for official works and are mostly used by students and office employees. This type of backpacks is also known as portfolio backpacks.

Inside this bag, there is a pouch that is designed especially for extra security to keep your things safe. It has several pockets that make your day convenient. It is made up of nylon

4. Frame Backpack:

Frame backpack is popularly known as a backpacking backpack. If you love adventures and exploring new places with hands-free then this backpack is an ideal choice for you.

It is made up of nylon and polyester and can carry up to 40 litres of stuff. If you are heading towards to long term adventures then you can choose this backpack.

5. Waterproof Backpack:

A waterproof backpack is popularly known as an all-purpose backpack. You can choose this backpack for rainy seasons.

One of the best benefits of this backpack is that it is very durable and suitable to use. It will keep all the pieces of stuff safe and secure.

If you are searching for an ideal backpack then this backpack can be your prime choice.

6. Cycling Backpack:

These types of backpacks are popularly known as Commuter backpack which is ideal for traveling. It is made up of tear-resistant and water-resistant.

Cycling backpack has an attachment pocket, helmet holder, and a reservoir pocket that makes it easy for the cyclist. If you are a cyclist then you must have this backpack.

7. Overnight Backpacks:

The overnight backpack is popularly known as hiking or trekking backpack. It is made up of nylon.

This backpack consists of several regular slots and pockets. It is slightly bigger than your regular backpacks. You can carry this backpack for an overnight trip. This backpack consists of rain cover and external storage pocket for the cyclist to carry their emergency stuff.

8. Climbing Backpack:

This type of backpack is popularly known as a mountaineering backpack. It is made up of tear-resistant nylon. You can also call this backpack as Crag backpack.

You can carry all kinds of stuff in it such as helmet, shoes, rack, harness, etc. You can carry up to 40 litres of stuff in this backpack. This backpack is ideal when you are climbing a mountain.

9. Day Backpack:

Day backpack is popularly known as hiking backpacks. It is made up of water-resistant or tear-resistant.

This backpack is small in size and generally used for lightweight travel. Day backpack has several slots and pockets to make your journey convenient and hands-free.

10. Traditional Backpack:

Traditional backpacks are regular backpacks for daily use. This backpack is the best lifestyle piece that you can have with yourself to carry all your daily stuff.

This backpack is a perfect choice for students and office employees. You can even carry this backpack while travelling to shorter distances. It is made up of strong material that lasts for a longer time.

The Final Thoughts

Here you go! Now you know all the different types of backpacks in 2020 with names. Backpacks can be your trustworthy friend during the journey.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the hands-free journey then you must choose your perfect backpack for a specific event. The above-mentioned backpacks are the best ones for best as well as the most preferred ones.

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