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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Solution


There are lots of hosting providers out there offering you so many things but do you know what you should look for when you are purchasing the web hosting?

In order to help you make the right choice, I’ve curated this list of the key factors you should consider before picking a web hosting service provider for your brand.

1. Uptime

Uptime means how regularly your website will be on the web and accessible to the public. It’s a critical perspective to search for as in a perfect world, you need your site to be up day in and day out.

If your site is down when your visitors are up, it could essentially diminish your site’s conversion rates and cause you to lose potential clients.

Don’t you trust me?

Here’s the confirmation:

Amazon lost about $1.2 million in a minute because of technical glitches during its Prime Day occasion.

Frequent downtimes can affect your brand image. No client likes to go to a site just to discover it’s inaccessible to support them. Your site should have the option to cater your visitor’s needs consistently from wherever.

How can you prevent yourself from such issues?

If you want to prevent your site from such issues then you should search for a web hosting company that ensures 99% uptime in any event. Try not to go lower — even a 90% guarantee can make critical misfortunes, particularly during your site’s most dynamic hours. Also, you should see whether the provider has a policy in case they can’t keep up their claim.

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2. Loading Speed

How much time will your website take to load?

Your site’s loading speed directly affects your business’ prosperity. The truth of the matter is that a slow website can make visitors bounce, which can mean more loss of profit.

Google uses page speed as a search ranking factor. At the end of the day, if you need to improve your SERP rankings and add increasingly natural traffic, your site needs to load quickly.

One way to guarantee a high website speed is by picking the correct web hosting service.

Here are a couple of tips on the most proficient method to pick the correct one:

  • Survey how much traffic you anticipate and what sort of documents you’ll be showing on your site.
  • See how much bandwidth the plan provides. This decides how much traffic your site can take on. A high number means more people can visit your site simultaneously without affecting its presentation.
  • At the point when a hosting provider offers boundless data transfer capacity, always double check the facts. Usually, this means your site can take up as much bandwidth it can — as long as it doesn’t surpass the hosting provider’s designated sum.
  • Check the disk space and handling power. If you intend to have different media files and collect a lot of client information, a 10GB stockpiling with a low RAM probably won’t get the job done.

3. Versatility

If you intend to develop your site, ensure the web hosting provider permits you to request to upgrade your web hosting plan. This is a convenient solution for times when you end up utilizing all your hosting resources and need to scale them up.

In fact, it is possible to migrate to some other hosting provider but it’s increasingly helpful to stay with a similar one from the beginning. Besides, the migration procedure can take some time.

Are there any choices for simple versatility?

A few providers offer VPS hosting and cloud hosting plans where you can pick and pay for additional resources.

This can be valuable and cost effective if you’re anticipating a traffic flood in specific periods —, for example, Black Friday deals. There have been examples where many retail sites, for example, Costco slammed because of high visitors volume.

4. Security

As cybercrime turns into becoming a danger to online business, guarding your site ought to be a need.

Have you executed powerful site safety efforts?

Even if you have, this won’t make any difference if your web hosting solution isn’t very much protected. At last, your site will be defenseless against outer dangers.

In view of that, here are a few things to search for in your latent capacity web hosting supplier:

  • SSL authentication: This refers to Secure Sockets Layer and encodes any information transmitted between your web server and the visitor’s browser. This component is important if you want to secure the data of your clients from getting hacked.
  • Antivirus scanner: This will identify and expel any malicious software that can harm your site.
  • Firewall: This is a security framework that channels and prevents cyber attacks.
  • DDoS mitigation: This refers to Distributed Denial-of-Service and it keeps software from depleting your server assets and bringing down your site.

Does your web hosting arrangement give these?

5. Backups

It is very much important that your hosting service provider provides you a backup for your website, If you lost your website due to any reason.

Why is it so important?

With this, you won’t need to create your site from nothing. You can get it backed up in a very short time period.

You should search for hosting providers that perform regular, automated backups with one-click restoration. With this, you won’t need to stress over backing up your site yourself. Some companies provide an every day or weekly backup services, which depends on a plan you choose.


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