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Understanding The Three Main Types Of Moving Estimates


Types Of Moving Estimates

Moving is chaos, especially when you are not well-prepared for it. The first and foremost thing on your to-do list is to keep calm. You can reduce the moving stress if you create and follow plans. Most people seek help from the professional movers to get done with it.

Once you have decided to hire professionals instead of a DIY move, it is time to hunt for a reliable moving company. You should be checking the reputation, certifications, licenses, and insurance of the company. It is best to check BBB ratings and online reviews.

It is suggested to request free estimates from at least three companies, when it comes to the cost of residential movers in Los Angeles. Then comes the step of comparing the costs. And then after all of the hard work, you get stuck with the complex and unfamiliar terms in the moving estimate.

This post is written to summarize the three main types of moving estimates and what do they imply. Read along to make informed decisions during your next move.

1. Non-Binding Estimates

A complimentary quote named as the non-binding estimate is based on the weight of the luggage to be transported. The quote is estimated according to the information provided by the owner of the luggage.

As the name suggests, the estimate is non-binding and is subject to change when there is a change in the actual weight. If your belongings weigh more than expected you will be billed 10% extra charges on the day of delivery. You have a month to pay the extra charges.

Scammers often use the non-binding estimates to attract customers with minimum costs.

2. Binding Estimates

When you call a moving company for estimates, they inquire about the weight of your belongings to be moved. A binding estimate is not subject to change if there is a slight increase from the expected weight. The customer and the commercial movers in Los Angeles agree on a set price.

The movers are not allowed to ratchet up the price whatsoever. The downside to this estimate is that if the luggage weighs any less, you would have to pay the agreed price.

3. Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimates

Binding not-to-exceed estimates are easiest to explain and utilize. If you receive this type of estimate, you agree to pay a set amount according to the weight of the total shipment.

If the weight exceeds, you would not have to pay any extra money to compensate for the increase as the estimates are primarily binding. The good thing about this type of agreement is that in case of less weight of the shipment, you will be charged according to the actual weight rather than the estimate.

Picking the Right One  

Binding not-to-estimate is the most popular type of moving estimates because of the amazing benefits. You may end up paying less than expected but never more than the amount agreed upon. Most of the reliable moving services in Los Angeles CA offer binding not-to-exceed estimates.

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