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10+ Best WooCommerce Plugins to Increase Sales


Plugins are the most amazing aspect of making an online store with WooCommerce. They permit you to add new elements and develop your business. 

Though a great deal of features is already served on WooCommerce, there is a wide choice of outsider plugins accessible that will assist you with expanding conversions and decrease cart abandonment. 

There are huge loads of WooCommerce plugins that you can use for your business yet not every one of them is acceptable. So how would you discover the best WooCommerce plugins for your eCommerce business? 

This guide is about the list of handpicked WooCommerce plugins. So continue to read!

Discount rules

Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Discount Rules for WooCommerce will allow you to produce over a hundred kinds of WooCommerce dynamic costing and discount rules in your online store. It may very well be dynamic costing, bulk offers,  discounts based on percentage, discounts based on total order value, or order history-based offers. It even allows you to make limits and offers based upon total cart value, shipping area, and that is just a glimpse of something larger. 

Check out some of the major features of Discount rules:

  • Create dynamic costing and offers in only 3 steps  
  • Percentage offers for all of your products in a specific class 
  • Bulk offers. This is applied based on the sum purchased 
  • Cart offers. 
  • You can make WooCommerce coupons and associate them with the offers at your store. 
  • Shipping offers reliant upon a definite country/city/state/postal division can be planned. 
  • WooCommerce free shipping can be advertised. 
  • Various strategies to show approaching and persistent offers. 

Loyalty points and rewards

Loyalty points and rewards

Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce help build client engagement and deals on your store. This plugin does so by allowing you to easily make the best WooCommerce rewards programs. Thus you can build your loyal customer base by offering them points when they join, purchase a product, or place a review for your product. 

Here comes the best thing about this WooCommerce Loyalty Points and Rewards plugin. It also accompanies an inbuilt referral program feature. Your store clients can acquire more reward points by alluding individuals to your store. It’s a mutually advantageous agreement.  

Check out some of the major features of WooCommerce Loyalty Points and Rewards plugin

  • Customize conversion rate worth and validity date for points
  • Set the least and the maximum order worth to get points as rewards
  • Dashboard that presents complete details on points awarded, redeemed, and so forth
  • Options to check every client’s data like points, referral code, and so on 
  • Watch client activity for a specific period by utilizing custom filter choices. 
  • Options to permit clients to either completely redeem or redeem only a portion of the points. 


FluentCRM - complete email marketing automation plugin for WordPress

FluentCRM is a complete email marketing automation plugin for WordPress. It works within WordPress and reduces email marketing costs by around 70%!

FluentCRM natively integrates with WordPress, contact forms, e-commerce plugins, membership plugins, LMS plugins, affiliate plugins, and Automator plugins to collect leads and generates detailed contact profiles. If you need more information about contacts, you can also create custom fields.

Once you’ve collected leads, you can segment your email list through various contact segmentation features and send personalized and relevant emails through email campaigns, email sequences, and email marketing automation.

The plugin has more than 40+ WordPress and WordPress plugin-specific triggers to automate various email marketing activities. This means there’s a lot of automation possibilities without spending much!

Check out some of the major features of FluentCRM:

  • Build lists and contact profiles using integrated forms or by importing contacts in CSV files.
  • Turn customers, members, students, affiliates, and WordPress users into leads.
  • Connects with WooCommerce, EDD, MemberPress, Learndash, TutorLMS, LifterLMS, WishList, Restrict Content Pro automatically to build email lists and contact profiles.
  • Assign and apply lists, tags to contacts through form submissions, contact imports, and email marketing automation.
  • Build dynamic segments by setting up segmentation based on various conditions such as geographic location and email activity.
  • Send relevant emails through email campaign builder, run A/B tests, and gather campaign data through UTM campaigns.
  • Set up email sequences and email marketing workflows for sending timely triggered emails.


Retainful for woocommerce store

Retainful assists you with abandoned cart recovery and drives repeat orders in your WooCommerce store. It can catch the email address and consequently send a progression of emails when clients leave their carts in your shop. 

You can plan a progression of planned email reminders that can be shipped off to the clients to recover their carts and complete the purchase. 

Retainful can also assist you with driving recurrent purchases by sending single-use, specific coupon codes for the next order. 

The client can reclaim this coupon code during their next buy. This assists you in withholding your current clients, getting repeat orders, and acquiring more dollars per client. 

The plugin also has a referral program, through which you can gain more customers and revenue from your WooCommerce store. 

Check out some of the major features of Retainful

  • Send boundless cart abandonment emails
  • Captures each and every neglected cart and generates a whole report. 
  • Personalize the cart abandonment emails with shortcodes. 
  • Generates specific coupon codes on each purchase. 
  • Gain more clients using the referral program feature of Retainful. 

WooCommerce email customizer

WooCommerce email customizer

Bid adieu to layout-based email plugins where you can just alter the header and footer. Make proper acquaintance with the email builder that will assist you with making wonderful, exquisite conditional messages and dazzle your clients. 

WooCommerce Email Customizer is a simple-to-utilize plugin that allows you to tweak the WooCommerce emails. Simply by utilizing a drag and drop editor. 

You can just move components like logo, text boxes, pictures, links, buttons, 2-column/3-column grids and that’s just the beginning. It accompanies huge loads of shortcodes to incorporate unique information from the order.


For instance, you can incorporate the client address, shipping address, order summary, product data, thumbnail picture, order id, email, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Check out some of the major features of WooCommerce email customizer

  • Make proficient, lovely value-based emails for your WooCommerce Online store. 
  • Add a logo/picture without any problem 
  • Visual drag and drop email editorial manager 
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Readymade email layouts 
  • Implicit Multi-lingual, WPML Support 
  • Live Preview 


Optinly is the best objective-based WordPress popup plugin

Optinly is the best objective-based WordPress popup plugin that assists you with catching more leads, engaging people, and incrementing deals just like that.

This WordPress popup plugin doesn’t just assist sites and WooCommerce stores drive 10x transformations consistently. What’s exceptional about Optinly is, it follows an objective-based methodology that makes it stand apart from other popup plugins. You can make your first popup mission and set it live in a matter of moments. 

Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a plugin that has prepared to utilize promoting situations with 30+ objective-based WordPress popup formats? Furthermore, this is what’s genuinely going on with Optinly. It helps organizations and advertisers catch leads, drive conversions and draw in guests by utilizing marketing objective situations and popup layouts. 

Check out some of the major features of Optinly

  • Various types of popup forms for varying scenarios
  • Progressed triggering and targeting options 
  • Inbuilt popup builder 
  • Seamless integration services with top email promoting service providers


RafflePress is the best WordPress giveaway plugin

RafflePress is the best WordPress giveaway plugin on the lookout. It’s stacked with stunning highlights that will assist you with making giveaways to develop your site.

The plugin is lightweight and exceptionally simple to utilize. You can undoubtedly make a giveaway in no time. Furthermore, its wide customization choices will allow you to change the plan and format of the giveaway.

Another advantage of utilizing RafflePress is that you can add as many passage alternatives as you need and grant points to clients for various activities. You can likewise utilize the RafflePress Pro version for additional highlights and combination alternatives.

Check out some of the major features of RafflePress:

  • Drag and drop developer to make giveaways
  • Pre-defined giveaway formats to run viral giveaways and challenges
  • Integration with email promoting devices and CRMs
  • Refer a companion choice to draw in guests
  • Control start and end period of the opposition
  • Social media integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Option to modify plans and background of giveaways
  • SEO advanced and portable responsive widgets
  • Fraud identification feature and basic 1-click entry

WPPayForm Pro

WPPayForm Pro

This plugin accompanies every one of the highlights and functionalities you may require to get payments with Stripe and PayPal. Not simply that, it additionally offers dynamic highlights that may help your business and increment the payment form conversion rate drastically.

WPPayForm lets you customize your form design styles from a wide scope of settings. These include label position, button position, form labels, and styling for input fields.

Check out some of the major features of WPPayForm:

  • Ready-to-utilize payment forms that can be deployed immediately, without composing any code!
  • Offer subscriber opt-in form alongside payment fields.
  • Automate month-to-month or yearly membership charge payments for your clients and get them with no issue!
  • Enable clients to modify the sum they need to pay
  • Multiple payment options
  • Configure customized email notifications and send them to the payees, and affirm payment.
  • Collect relevant addresses
  • Built-in submission management system
  • With 135+ currencies enable you to acknowledge any money type you need.

The WooCommerce Product Search is a plugin that has been planned to remember certain things. For instance, assist your purchasers with picking the right products rapidly. Actually, like many web crawlers.

When a client enters a watchword, the plugin shows the right product for that person. This component is very stunning when you consider expanding the general presentation of your online store. This will likewise keep them connected with, let them peruse, and additionally investigate your products, which is truly incredible.

Another particular usefulness that can help you a great deal is the capacity to add loads to the product parameters. These weights will figure out which ones ought to be focused on in the query item.

Check out some of the major features of WooCommerce Product Search

  • Search statistics, business insights, and automated integration 
  • Outwardly intuitive filters
  • Gives live search and live filters

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro Plugin

There’s a great deal you can do on your online store. With WooCommerce introduced on your WordPress, you can practice a ton of adaptability with your products, manage orders, and dispatch products to your clients.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro Plugin assists you with setting up rules to figure the transportation rates for a blend of conditions. If the client’s cart coordinates with the conditions, the transportation cost you have characterized in that rule will be applied.

This Shipping Pro plugin is ideal for a wide range of organizations. Single retailers can design their store, and limited scope organizations can utilize the scope of delivery alternatives. And afterward, huge organizations with many delivery situations can utilize it easier to deal with their shipping.

Check out some of the major features of WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro Plugin

  • Use CSV to bulk Import/Export shipping rules 
  • Create per product shipping utilizing free Add-on
  • Set packaged rate dispatching utilizing free Add-on
  • Get WPML Support.
  • Create unlimited rules to calculate shipping rates

WP Booking System

WP Booking System

If you are renting something out, similar to a vacation home, a boat, or something different?

Do you have a WordPress site and need a touch of help to monitor your rentals through a booking schedule?

… then, at that point yes! The WP Booking System is ideal for your requirements.

Get simple internet booking with this lightweight plugin. Simply produce a shortcode to embed the booking schedule and form onto your page. It likewise converts into a few dialects.

WP Booking System is a basic booking schedule for WordPress. You will be ready for action in only a couple minutes. You can make booking schedules and forms, and you can deal with your appointments. You can without much of a stretch modify the booking schedule to meet your requirements.

The excellence of this WordPress booking system is that it permits your site guests to book accessible schedule dates on the spot through completely adaptable booking schedule forms.

Begin getting appointments from your guests today!

Check out some of the major features of WP Booking System:

  • Receive and oversee appointments
  • Save additional booking data
  • Generate a shortcode to embed the booking schedule and booking
  • The booking framework can acknowledge both the online and offline payments
  • iCalendar sync, import, and export
  • Create a limitless number of booking schedules
  • Create a limitless number of booking forms
  • Create your own rental schedule legend: apply your own shades and text
  • Hide schedule appointments from the past from your guests
  • Set the base number of days that the guest should book
  • Show the week’s number on the booking schedule
  • Automatically block-booked days straightforwardly
  • Send booking warnings

The wrap 

Maintaining a fruitful online business is difficult. 

In the event that you don’t make the important arrangements to deliver a frictionless shopping experience, you leave yourself helpless against cart abandonment and hosed conversions. 

Luckily, the best WooCommerce Plugins listed here boost sales in your store.

Do you know any other plugins that are best for a WooCommerce store?

Leave us in the comments!

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