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9 classic marketing strategies that still work

Due to the existence of modern digital media and the power of the Internet, we often forget about traditional offline marketing methods. Meanwhile, they are still strong enough and can help find customers, enlist the support of partners and outperform competitors. Today we will talk about the most popular and effective of these methods.

1. Business cards anytime, anywhere

Distributing business cards is perhaps the easiest and cheapest option, and that is why he tops our list. You can transfer them to office and business neighbors, attach them to a bulletin board, put them in books and magazines in the doctor’s office, and arrange them beautifully at the reception desk. You can do whatever you want with them. For such a tiny object, business cards have truly enormous potential.

2. Gift vouchers as prize prizes at charity auctions

In any city, even the smallest, various kinds of charity events are held with the obligatory drawing of prizes. Become a sponsor of such events by donating several gift certificates for the products or services of your company. This is a great way to establish a personal relationship with the public and at the same time do a good deed. At a minimum, you will receive clients who will be happy to recall the experience of interacting with your business, as well as advertise your activities and company, and gain public loyalty.

3. Public speaking

Attendance at online events is an important step for the development of any business. However, one must not only be present but be noticeable. And for this, you need to speak, speak, report and present. So not only will people learn about your business that could potentially benefit from such an acquaintance, but it will be possible to establish themselves as a competent specialist, a master of their craft, and this reputation will be transferred to the business too.

4. Communication with print media

The print media is still quite popular and has a good impact. Especially for an audience not used to living on the Internet. Therefore, from time to time to publish press and post releases, articles and news about your business will be a very useful marketing move.

5. Ordinary mail

Emails are firmly embedded in the modern life of a business person. However, ordinary letters, written on paper and sent by regular mail, have more than charm. This is a personalized approach to the client. People will appreciate the work of writing a letter, paying for it, and forwarding it. And if you put there not just typed text, but gift vouchers, discount certificates or a loyalty card, then the letter will turn from an information element into an advertising one.

6. Cold calls

Make a list of potential customers, think over a strategy, work out the structure of the appeal to each of the categories of clients (to personalize the conversation) and make cold calls. And although this type of communication is more suitable for increasing sales, it also has another side effect – assistance in establishing cooperation with other enterprises and finding new customers.

7. Participation in exhibitions

Exhibitions have two excellent qualities. Firstly, you get the opportunity to declare your business and find potential customers. And secondly, there is a chance to get to know your competitors, study their offers and business promotion strategies. For a competent person, this opens up a lot of opportunities for developing their enterprise and improving its work.

8. Changes

A brand means a lot now, and one needs to work on its recognition constantly. But recognition does not mean the absence of change. Sometimes it’s useful to rebrand, introduce something new both in the product itself and in its “packaging”. Often, rebranding means changes in the logo, but this process is much deeper and more complicated than it seems. Make positive changes at all levels: product presentation, principles of working with clients, views on marketing, etc. You can use 123netflix to get all content for free.

9. Celebrating success

Use any opportunity to share your successes: signing a major contract, the emergence of a new partner, introducing a new service, serving a millionth customer, etc. Bring this to your partners, please your staff (and yourself at the same time), thank the team and encourage it to take on new heights. Your celebrations will surely attract the attention of potential customers and form the image of a successful and respected company in their presentation, which will be a significant contribution to the bright future of your business.


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One comment on “9 classic marketing strategies that still work

Nowadays Social Networking is key role in any marketing. Whatever you provide is the best strategy for classic marketing. Thank’s


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