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Why Influencer Marketing Should Be Top Priority for a B2B Marketer?


Influencer Marketing

If there’s one thing that’s trending today, it is the influencer marketing. If someone told you that influencer marketing can increase your ROI, save costs and engage more customers would you opt for it? The answer would be, of course yes!

Influencer marketing has been there in b2b marketing for quite some time, but now, the Covid-19 Pandemic has urged marketers to come up with innovative strategies and thus influencer marketing is back in vogue.

So how does influencer marketing really work? And what are the benefits of it; let’s find out through this article.

Credible content:

Influencer marketing is essentially about giving out thought leadership content for audiences. Subject matter expertise or content that is going to help the target audience in some way or the other is one of the take-away of influencer marketing.

Content generated through influencer marketing has the potential to last longer and to think about content marketing as a long term strategy rather than a short one; influencer marketing content is most likely to compliment your content marketing initiatives.

Since B2B marketing is challenging and takes longer to time to show results; this technique is like adding the right fuel to your efforts in order to speed up results!

Reduces costs:

So what does influencer marketing have to do with reducing your marketing costs? Here is how it goes- since you have some influential content now ready with you through influencer marketing; you can now simply have a repository of content to be used and reused. You can repurpose this content and create more strategic positioning of your brand and create better social media presence.

You can create other marketing assets through influencer marketing efforts as well. As a b2b marketer; content is a very important resource and businesses are required to keep updating the content funnel with enough insights, data and more knowledgeable assets. However with influencer marketing and repurposing of content; one can save a lot of time and efforts.

High returns:

What could a b2b lead generating marketer or any marketer for that matter ask for more, if any activity that he deploys gives huge returns on investment? Influencer marketing does just that! Since people are more likely to listen and adopt what the influencer is talking about, one can expect more engagement through influencer marketing strategy.

It works on a simple and straight forward principle- “if you want something, you will have to give something first and thus influencer marketing creates the necessary impact for a greater ROI. And there cannot any better good news for the b2b marketer than having more engagement and good b2b leads.

So while creating constant and consistent content in-house could be a costlier affair; you get readymade and credible content that converts through the magic of influencer marketing.

A Good Story:

What influencer marketing offers is one of the best forms of good story telling? Today B2B marketing needs just that- good story telling! The best way to engage your audiences today is to tell a good story; a story that resonates with their challenges and pain points in order to help them take the right business decisions. Influencer marketing serves a bigger purpose of telling a good story to the chosen audience who is all ears for it!

Good story telling can almost always create stronger relationships with your prospects and customers. It can help create better brand recall value and help you retarget some of your customers too.


Influencer marketing is a deep science and all you need for it to work is – relevance, content and context. The other important things for it to be more effective are – the right timing, how well it aligns with your other marketing strategies and objectives and who is your influencer for giving away this know-how through influencer marketing.

Author Bio:

Madhavi Vaidya
Madhavi is a Creative Content Writer with 8+ years of experience in B2B industry. As an experienced content writer, her objective is to add value to businesses through her unique content writing skills. She aims to establish a linguistic bridge between technology and the business world with her love for the written word. Besides writing content, she loves to paint and cook!


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