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Why Augmented Reality Is Considered To Be A Futuristic Technology


The immersive technology of Augmented Reality has ignited our imagination to new heights. The futuristic possibilities of this technology, on the one hand, serve the consumer interests while on the other hand enable business owners to create new demands. Market research specialists believe that the market value of AR by 2024 can reach something around 122 billion USD. The ability of AR to mix reality with fiction in images and other visual forms has made it increasingly desirable for all sorts of businesses across industries.

Apart from entertainment and games, AR technology has much more to offer towards the global business scenario. For example, the healthcare business by 2025 is expected to generate a revenue of approximately 5 billion USD owing to the implications of the AR technique. Augmented Reality will continue to rule in the future as it helps in improving task efficiency along with output quality of the user experience. A popular AR app development company offers customised solutions for all smartphone users so that the desired services can be availed with ease and convenience.

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Now let us know the nature and scope of AR before going into the details

By Augmented Reality, we mean the technology which helps in expanding the digital information of the real world by attaching various layers into it. Rather than creating an artificial environment, it enhances the appeal of the existing one by adding images, graphics, sounds, videos etc. Its main aim is to provide a rich audio-visual experience so that the users can feel their dreams turning into reality.

You can make the best use of this technology by incorporating techniques and computerised simulations like speech and image recognition. The users of this technology can enhance their current perception of reality as they can interact with the superimposed computer-generated images.

Implications of AR in various business domains:

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AR has proved to be successful for the following spheres


AR technology is applied in the medical field so that surgeries can be performed or practised in a controlled environment. The AR technology uses the visualization aid to explain complex medical symptoms to the patients. The risk of operation gets reduced here as the surgeons can use the sensory perception in conducting critical operations. Using AR you can create a 3D image of the brain on top of the actual one which serves as an important resource to understand the human anatomy in a better way.


Use of head-up display in the military is one of the significant reasons for AR implications. It helps a lot in simulated training purposes as well as in ascertaining enemy locations within the line of sight. The AR technology also helps pilots to place them properly following the fighter’s view so that the airspeed, altitude and horizon line can be aptly measured.

Repair and maintenance:

Mechanics can also take the help of this technology to make repairs by obtaining superimposed information and images by using head-worn display. Technicians can be trained with AR simulations to reduce time and expenses.

Gaming and entertainment:

With AR being used extensively in the game development ecosystem, the gaming applications have become highly interactive and immersive. As a result, gamers across the globe can be attracted so that they can play their dream games with the desired excitement and enthusiasm. The winning advantage of AR is that it helps you to create an artificial environment by retaining the feel of the real world. Considering the actual surroundings you can create your customised objects or sounds to make games realistic for attracting both casual and avid gamers. You can get in touch with a reputed AR game development company to know more about its impacts in this regard.

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Scope of AR:

Various industries have tasted success by incorporating this technology in their business processes. So before entering your target market, you need to know the scope of it and plan it accordingly so that the desired aims and objectives can be met with ease and efficiency.


You can accelerate the development processes in your factories with the help of AR technology. The real-time work in progress can be monitored and assessed by the project managers so that the quality of the work can be heightened with utmost accuracy and convenience. The use of digital maps and plants in factories can enable the workers to know how a particular machine will be used in the actual construction. In the manufacturing sector, the Light Guide System is one of the common examples where AR technology is being used.

Real Estate:

AR app developers can help your real estate business to gain a competitive advantage by creating visual presentations to immerse potential clients towards a specific property. Using the AR technique, empty rooms and spaces can be shown so that you can decorate those as per your own choice or wish. The virtual tour guide can facilitate the buyers to decide whether the property is worthy of their purpose or not.


AR in education has got loads of benefits. First of all the impressive educational content makes learning all the more fun and interactive. Secondly, the learners can set their own time and place where they feel comfortable in studying. Thirdly using AR technique many puzzles and word games can be introduced in the lessons so that the kids can pay attention to their subjects and can learn their subjects in quick times.


In the automotive industry, AR technology can be used for multiple purposes. Before creating a physical prototype, many automakers prefer to use AR designs to make their products elegant and exclusive. AR technology is being widely used by the car dealers because of the customised features, ease of use, transparency and lots more. Moreover, this technology is also used to make the driving experience more immersive through interactive displays.

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Tourism and travel:

This is another prominent industry where AR plays a pivotal role. The GPS enables mobile apps can use the AR technology to show the right directions and routes for the users. Here the street signs are translated so that relevant information with respect to sightseeing can be obtained. In fact, museums nowadays are also using AR technology so that the visitors can be facilitated with an interactive culture and tradition. Also by using the GPS tracker, you can find the easiest way to reach your dream destination.


The use of AR technology in the retail business is very vital as it enables a healthy interaction between the sellers and the buyers. The consumers can compare the prices of similar categories of products either online or even by visiting the stores physically. Also, the relevant information and features about the desired products can be availed quickly using the AR applications.

This post gives you a concrete idea about the necessity of AR technology in today’s businesses and why it will predominant in the coming future. Various industries have already applied for it and have been able to succeed while many others are in the process waiting to incorporate.


The immersive nature of AR technology helps enterprises to maintain a strong relationship with the customers making them loyal and satisfied. It not only innovates the working process but also enhances the overall impression of the brand value to attract potential customers across the globe.

Author Bio:

Mr. Arup Roy is the founder of Red Apple Technologies, a prominent AR app development company. With profound experience in this industry, he knows how AR apps can be made more distinctive for different categories of businesses.


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