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When AI Becomes an Everyday Technology


AI Becomes an Everyday Technology

It is predicted that artificial intelligence will make huge progress in the coming years. This innovation has helped computers to make use of enormous data in decision-making processes or designed these machines in a way that they will be able to learn on their own. Big companies who are known for their technological advancements such as Google, Apple and Facebook are investing heavily in this. Moreover, in the future, there will be no division left that will not be impacted by these innovations. Its applications will be stretched across different realms like law, political science, mathematics, economics, medical and many more. Artificial intelligence will change the course of warfare, autonomous transportation, education and medicine. Here are a few innovations that will big changes across the whole world when AI becomes an everyday use:

AI-enabled robots

We have seen many movies where robots and human worked together and lived together in the future. It looks like the future is almost near. The current technology trends seem to come true in terms of humans working alongside robots. It is predicted that these robots will replace the humans in many sectors; however, according to experts AI is expected to create up to three new job opportunities in place of one job that it takes. In this way, we will be able to experience a high performance, efficiency and accurate organizing and planning across many main divisions.

Internet of things

Internet of things or IoT is the connectivity of the internet into physical objects and devices. These devices are able to connect with everything and everyone over the internet and can also be easily monitored and controlled. In the previous years, the internet of things is going through major growth and according to the future technology timeline; it will go through a similar boom as the dotcom era. Many businesses are working continuously on solutions on how to integrate this technology smoothly in the home as well as business. In a few years, people will be introduced to a seamless IoT ecosystem.

AI-guided transport systems

One of the most popular future technologies that are being researched for future integration and is almost near implementation is AI-guided transport system. There are many flaws in the transport system these days. However, these flaws will be eradicated once self-driving cars come into existence. These self-driving cars have many positive benefits such as fewer accidents, quicker transit times and lower human fatigue, which increases business productivity positively. This innovation will also create an opportunity for the marketing departments in the entire world for better promotion as people will be less focused on driving and they can easily notice advertising boards.

AI Education systems

AI-education systems are already in process. In the future, they will be able to access individual’s preferences and through this new data, they will able to conduct extensive research and invent new tools. Future of education will be introduced to the utilization of intelligent instructors and other artificial intelligence integrated technologies that will be able to deliver personalized education at a large scale. The usage of artificial intelligence will make education accessible to everyone anywhere; make learning a continuous process and retraining easier. For instance, if there is a student who is not able to understand what he is being taught for an unknown reason no matter how hard the teacher tries, in such circumstances, using this innovation will lead to processing individual student and recognizing the problem of the student and finding a solution for it.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality or augmented reality is being used in many sectors but from a business point of view, some sectors who are exploring this technology are academics, employee and customer onboarding, training, adventure sports and for overall entertainment. By the year 2050, we will be saying everything impacted by virtual reality.

Medical advancement with AI and nanobots

Another artificial intelligence innovation is nanobots that are being developed for the medical division. Once the extensive research has been conducted and this technology is launched, these nanobots will be able to detect and cure diseases, which include direct delivery of the drugs. According to nursing essay writing services uk, other future technologies for medical advancements include having access to human memories and feelings to create a forever-surviving AI-based artificial body that will act and feel the same things as a human being. The human lifespan can be extended through new drug developments while artificial organs can help end being dependent on donors.


To conclude, the above-mentioned points are some of the inventions that are all AI-integrated. They are expected to take over the world in a few years and modify how everything works by making things convenient and efficient. Some of these inventions include AI-enabled robots, Internet of things, self-driving cars, education systems, augmented reality and nanobots.


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