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What to Look for in a B2B Marketplace


The eCommerce bandwagon is here to stay. And while B2B companies have not been quick to join the party, the eventual transition seems inevitable. Many enterprises are now warming up to the idea of B2B marketplaces. Technological now means that there are many options for these businesses to hop on.

If you are a business owner who doesn’t know what to look for in a B2B marketplace, you have come to the right place.  This post will arm you with the vital tips you need to help you choose the right B2B marketplace.

So, what is a B2B Marketplace?

A B2B marketplace is a digital platform that makes it easy for companies to connect with other enterprises. Once these businesses are together in a single marketplace they can conduct business with each other conveniently. Enterprises that participate in B2B include manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, brands, and others.

Tips for Choosing a B2B Platform

When choosing the right B2B platform for your business, there are several critical factors that you should look for. These include:


B2B marketplaces are more complex than their B2C counterparts. As a result, B2B users face many challenges such as delayed purchase approvals, complicated procurement procedures, long purchase cycles, and so on. If you don’t want to get caught up in these difficulties, you must choose a platform that will suit your business operations.

The B2B marketplace you choose should make your work easier. For example, it should simplify your tasks and help you solve problems.  From the customer’s perspective, a good B2B platform is one that offers advanced features that will make their buying process simple.


The last thing you want in a B2B eCommerce platform is a slow response. This is a weakness that will frustrate both you and your customers. Additionally, it can lead to a loss of revenue. Look for a B2B platform with an intuitive and attractive user interface. Make sure that it is easily accessible and responsive.

Users will want to access the website using different devices and the content should be the same. It should be navigable and user-friendly. Moreover, your customers can order supplies conveniently while on the go. This will increase your conversion rates, grow your revenue and boost your customer retention rate.

Well-Coiffed B2B Product Catalog Management

When your customers access your website, they want to find the products they want with the utmost ease. If this is not the case, they are likely to be frustrated or turn to your competitors. Ultimately, this could spell doom for your business.

You need a platform that allows customers to find products speedily. It should have impeccable product management capabilities. The goal is to ensure that your customers are never confused when logged in.  On top of that, its product listing should be flawless and aesthetically pleasing. If you can find an eCommerce platform with product filter features, you can rest assured that your customers will love it. Check out this useful site to learn more.


With your business growing every day, a lack of ERP integration can stifle your daily operations.  ERP integrations will help you to synchronize, automate and integrate invaluable connections. In return, you will achieve outstanding business efficiency. All your business applications will work in a harmonious and free-flow structure.

The best part is that integrations help to improve communication, catalog management, order fulfillment, and synchronization.


As a business owner, the chances are that you constantly looking for ways to grow your business. However, as more people use your site, without upgrades it will be overloaded. Eventually, it will slow down and frustrate your customers. What you may not know is that most users will abandon any site that doesn’t load in 3 seconds. This could easily translate into a significant loss of business and poor conversion rates.

The perfect B2B eCommerce platform should factor in and accommodate business growth. Its back-end and front-end must have room for expansion. The ultimate objective is to allow you to upgrade them as per the business growth.

An eCommerce platform with scalable architecture lets you respond to your enterprise’s growth as it happens. Moreover, you don’t have to make any huge notable changes on the platform.

Payment Gateways

Your customers will want to pay you through various payment gateways. If your B2B eCommerce platform does not support a wide enough array of payment gateways, you will undoubtedly lose some customers.

To improve customer experience, choose an eCommerce platform that allows multiple payment options. The ultimate objective is to provide flexible ways for your customer to pay you. With easy payment options, you won’t miss out on an opportunity to sell.

Multilingual  Platform

If you are targeting the global market, which is tremendously lucrative, a multilingual B2B eCommerce website will be your best bet.  Most importantly, it will remove any barriers to communication and increase your market reach. As a global market, your business has every opportunity to bring in more revenue.

As a company owner, gone are the days that you can overlook B2B eCommerce platforms. Today, a digital marketplace opens your business up to more opportunities. However, this hinges on the B2B eCommerce platform that you choose for your enterprise. If you follow these tips, you will find the ideal B2B marketplace for you. 


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