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What is the Difference Between Angular 6, Angular 7, and Angular 8?


With the growing popularity of mobile applications and web apps, businesses across sectors are looking for better options to develop mobile and web applications with few resources and at a faster speed. To achieve this speed there are some frameworks that are available globally such as React, Angular, and Meteor. To stay in line with the growing needs of businesses and customers, moreover, the constant flow of technology, platforms, and frameworks need to be updated from time to time. Hence, companies are also planning to hire AngularJS developers. 

What are the Major Difference and Improvements in Angular 6, Angular 7, and Angular 8?

Features in Angular 6

Some of the major highlights of Angular 6 are Component Development KIT, Command Line Interface, and Material Package updated with typescript version 2.7, it becomes much easier to code with default declarations, conditional declarations, and class initialization. 

● Service Worker

Service worker was first introduced in Angular 5 and is a script that runs in the web browser. Service workers also provide some bug fixes along with some functionalities as there is no way to deactivate service workers and to overcome this, Angular 6 introduced new safety worker.js in the product bundle, this file also helps in unregistering existing service workers. 

Angular Element

To create any component that can be included in the existing web page has been made possible with the Angular elements. Companies hire AngularJS developers to ensure that all the features are included in the app to make it more interesting. The angular elements package offers an ability to create the component and publish it as the web component that can be used in the HTML page. 

Bazel Compiler

Bazel helps in optimizing Angular compilation, it also helps in rebuilding what is necessary to build as it makes no sense in rebuilding the whole application for just some changes, it also helps in achieving speed. 


Internationalization is one of the biggest changes introduced in Angular 6. It also has a runtime so that there is no need to develop one app per locale. Hence, companies are focusing to hire AngularJS developers to build mobile app building Angular 6. 

Improving error messages, support for native element, updates on NgModel change, added canonical view query, added Long Term Support (LTE) are some of the important updates in Angular 6. 

Features in Angular 7

Angular 7 was released by Google in October 2018 with various features and big changes such as CLI prompts, Angular materials, drag, scroll, and virtual and drop component dev kit. With Angular 7 introduced in 2018, companies started to hire AngularJS developers to build mobile and web app using Angular 7. 

New NG-Compiler

Angular 7 introduced a new compiler known as Angular Compatibility Compiler and the Angular compiler provides 8 phases ahead of time compilation and most of the angular apps notice a massive reduction in the bundle size. 

CLI Prompts

CLI prompts has been updated to version 7.0.2 in the Angular 7. When common commands are executed such as ng add @angular or ng new it will be prompted automatically with users commands such as ng add @angular that helps in discovering features such as SCSS or routing support. 

CDK (Component Dev Kit)

The Angular Material CDK includes drag and drops and virtual scrolling. The virtual scrolling package provides loads and unloads items depending on the visible part of the list resulting in better user experience. With the drag and drop option, the list can be re-ordered just by the drag and drop option that offers to sort with the list, free dragging, and transferring items between list and much more. 

App Performance

Companies hire AngularJS developers to develop a better app and enhance customer experience. To enhance the app performance, many developers include reflect metadata polyfills during the production and fix this by removing it from polyfills file and speed up the performance of new apps. 

Angular 7 supporting typescript 3.1, adding new ability to recover malformed URL, a console that can be downloaded to start and run Angular projects, and exporting default key values to the private API are some of the major and latest updates in Angular 7. 

Features in Angular 8 

Performance and workflow improvements have been introduced in Angular 8 and a lot of changes have taken place. Angular 8 has been released with ivy rendering which was updated with the core framework in AngularJS. 

Web Workers

Web workers are important to improve the speed of an application. Angular 8 provides support to CLI which offers one bundle for web workers and this is done by writing code.

Ivy Engine

Ivy is one of the main parts of Angular 8 and it took maximum efforts from Angular 6 for the release. Ivy is the engine that produces a small size of bundles. It is always recommended to use it in production. 

Angular Firebase

Angular 8 has added support for the firebase and deploying Angular app to firebase is easy and takes very little time when Angular CLI is used. It has become important to hire AngularJS developers who develop an app using Angular 8 that also helps in switching between regular view engine build and IVY. 

Compatibility with Angular router backward, Typescript updated to 3.4x, ng-test, ng-run, and ng-build equipped to be extended by 3rd party tools and libraries, etc., are some of the important features of Angular 8. 

Although AngularJS doesn’t fit every project idea, it helps in building amazing applications. The most important reason for the use of AngularJS is the benefits provided. Moreover, AngularJS helps in developing on-demand video apps, destination finding app, weather update apps, social and interactive apps, and applications for user review. Hence, companies are looking to hire AngularJS developers to build mobile and web apps using AngularJS to offer the best apps. 

Author’s Bio:   

Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on mobile applications. He works in a leading android development company with skilled android app developers that has developed innovative mobile applications across various fields such as Finance, Insurance, Health, Entertainment, Productivity, Social Causes, Education and many more and has bagged numerous awards for the same.



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