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What Is The Best PCB Assembly File Format For A CM?


At the time you finalize your circuit design, the toughest part of your management is done. It doesn’t mean the end of your duty. Some important work is still left, like creating the best PCB assembly file format manufacturing production file and giving the business to the agreement manufacturer.

You have to learn how to build standard PCB assembly documentation and which file will be appropriate according to your project. As everything is updated from time to time, your setup equipment must be updated according to it. Design, the setting has to be evolved and has to be more advanced in the model. But how do you know which PCB assembly file format is suitable for your CM?

The Best PCB Assembly File formats For Your CM

If you send the complete PCB CAD design to the database, it will be best for your partnership manufacturer. This database helps to find an answer immediately from its record without questioning you again and again. This data also benefits them to find the best way which suits their assembly and invention.

Attached some additional information with the file related to their assembly which needed additional information for the fabrication. Your database has to be related to the design topic and assignment-base. According to the assembly, in a nutshell, your file format must be a relevant, precise, database, and significant.

If You Find It Difficult In The Supply Of CDA Database, What You Have To Do?

If the PCB design CDA file is not found, it may imply that it is still functioning with a formal manufacturing file. In that case, your minimum required CM files will be –

Gerber File:

It is a very common CM file that comprises information on the manual design of the PCB board. It has a sequel of vector coordination that is represented by draw code.


The total billing cost manufacturing the PCB circuit board is enlisted in the BOM file (Bill Of Material). This billing includes material cost, circuit design price, storage cost, and other expense types. It is sent in an excel file normally.

Schematic file:

It is a symbolic representation of a printed circuit board to where data are provided in pdf format.

Fabricated Drawing:

Some crucial data like board pile-up measurements are drawn in a PDF formation file.

Assembly Drawing:

Placing position, reference, citations are drawn in this PDF file. Its use is also very popular.

These files are worked as a complementary file of the database. If provided, these files combined with you actually can supply them more or less bulk of information. Communicate with your assembly CM to provide them with any additional information if they need it.

What Problems Can CM Face If They Are Not Provided With Complete Data?

At the time of PCB manufacturing, if a CM could get all the needed data, they would generate data independently. They can build it automatically based on the Gerber file. If they prototype data but don’t have enough database, they can create it by first building a schematic PDF file and then linking a Gerber file with it.

Your data has to be updated from time to time. Keep in contact with the CM, make your responsive team more strong. Make your data reached with information and try to minimize missing information.

Your data is very important for CM to work in the Assembly:

Your information is the pillar of your project, assembly work according to what you provided them. So many things depend on your information. If your CM cannot provide the expected service, it may be due to your poor quality information.

What Are Some Services Which Are Provided By A Good PCB Assembly?

Although different manufacturers provide different service types, some criteria must be present if you are looking for a good PCB assembly. Like,


Before hiring any assembly:

  1. Research their capability.
  2. Look at the accuracy service they provide.
  3. Be aware of the material they used, board design, components, soldering techniques, etc.

Some of the quality depends on your provider, but the rest of things like turnkey PCB manufacturing, fabrication, element supervision are up to the assembly. So look after it carefully.


Your delivery time of the project has to be fast. From manufacturing to designing, transmitting time has to speed up. You can offer some speed delivery for the prime customer, who gives you some extra money for this. Delivery time is very important to keep your previous customers also.


Design of manufacturing, design of the assembly is mainly responsible for the quality of the board. You have to set a special quality control board to provide consistently good quality products service, whose main work will be to deliver excellent service.


Of course, the cost is a vital factor to be noticed. If someone provides good quality products at less cost than the usual market price, it will always attract more customers. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your profit at all. So before engaging with any CM, look at various market costs first.

Customer Service:

Look at the CM’s experience, the service they delivered. Enquire about the review and ratings of the CM also. Is there any call to action service present or not.


Extra stock is available or not just take care of it. So if any extra supply is needed at any time, there will be an option to ask for it.


Many CM companies present in the marketplace that it is very hard to find whether it is good or fake. So it will be best if you enquire about their experience and market review. It will be best if any certification and achievement forum are attached to this company.


So the selection of a good CM is a very responsible task to choose. To start with the best way, take good research time before making a partnership with any CM. Compare various companies’ services based on effectiveness and other criteria illustrated above. It can conclude, this article will help to find the best CM according to your preferences.

Author Bio:

Suresh Patel has worked as Sales Engineer and other management roles at Mermar Inc. He brings 25 years of experience in Printed Circuit board Sales and Technical client Service and managing business. Feel free to get in touch with him on Twitter.


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