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What Is Product Marketing? A Definitive Guide


Our article will allow you to know what is the marketing of a product and other aspects that you need to know about the subject. The companies or organizations have the objective of selling what they produce, be they services or products (tourist service, health service, transportation, agricultural products, agricultural products, mass products, footwear, food…).

What is the marketing of a product?

Product marketing is a form of marketing strategy in which a brand manufactures, distributes, and sells its own products, while also working with others to create custom branded product lines. This service is considered a marketing channel rather than a sales channel. This type of product marketing can be either owned or under contract and can be employed by the company’s marketing department to create unique product lines. Product marketing can be split into three types:

That is why marketing, marketing strategies, and being clear about the commercialization of a product at the level that today plays an important role for any company that considers itself to be successful. So, it is not only important to provide a quality product, since the marketing process and its massification are essential.

Therefore, marketing comes to be all the actions, strategies, techniques, methods and decisions that aim to sell a product within the market, always with the aim of obtaining better results. For this, it is necessary to know what is needed for the commercialization of a product and the factors that alter the commercialization of a product.

The product marketing technique is a way to generate massive profits for your products by using your product as the main tool for generating leads and purchasing. Product marketing is all about creating products that are marketed and marketed to the right audience with specific products that drive the right type of customers to purchase them.

What is mass product marketing?

In principle, mass consumption products are those that are in high demand since they are needed by society in general. They are characterized by being for immediate consumption, daily use, easy access and affordable prices.

As a consequence of this, mass product companies are in a permanent race to attract more customers, position their products in the market… for this reason, they must devise alternatives, strategies, and offers that allow them to be recognized by the consumer above others.

So what is mass product marketing? It is the stage that involves all the activities that occur within the virtuous circle (before-during-after) the launch of the product on the market. This process is made up of product positioning, pre-launch, post-launch, evaluation and analysis because they need to program everything in order to reach the largest number of consumers with the least effort possible.

For the commercialization of mass products, the use of new technologies, mass media, social networks, the Internet, etc., has been transcendental. Digital tools have facilitated all processes from the conception of the product to its arrival on the shelf. In addition, having the appropriate technology for evaluation and analysis of the process allows optimizing it to make it better every day.

What is needed for the marketing of a product?

Achieving successful marketing goes beyond just knowing what is marketing a product? Therefore, you must take into account:

Regarding the product

  • Position the product: before launching a product on the market, a team of professionals must position it and make it an object of attraction for the consumer. Likewise, they must develop objective prices, marketing techniques, advertising and messages, product characteristics, presentation and description of the same…
  • Launch planning: it is the process that prepares everything related to the launch of the product, some products include a pre-launch that addresses potential buyers to create expectations, curiosity and interest in them, in order to consolidate a successful launch.
  • Create content: in the virtuous circle of a product it is necessary to develop content that reaches the final consumer, its means of transmission can be videos, brochures, blogs, social networks, among others.
  • Promotional stage: it is usually after the launch, because people are already curious about the product, they have even purchased it. However, the promotion seeks to massify the consumption of the product and make its consumption a permanent action over time.

Production process

  • Evaluation, tests and analysis: societies change, the economy and the market also for that reason, strategies must be developed that allow the evaluation and permanent analysis of the commercialization of our product in the market. Therefore, it is imperative to create feedback (feedback in communication) with the consumer and use analysis tools and tests that allow permanent updating.

Factors that affect the commercialization of a product

The factors that can affect the commercialization of a product can be:

  • Internal: they are those that depend on the effectiveness of the company, therefore they must be constantly controlled and evaluated, among them we have the goals and objectives of the company in the short-medium-long term, human – material – financial resources, chain of supplies, production, services, research and development of new technologies…
  • External: are those factors that cannot be controlled by the company such as economic, legal, political, socio-cultural, technological, environmental phenomena, among others.
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