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Top Reasons Your Internet Speeds Are So Slow


Homeowners and businesses alike rely on fast internet for their everyday needs. However, slow network speeds can result in lost data, poor communication, and missed opportunities.

Whether it’s due to your ISP, poor data transfers, or outdated equipment, a low-quality network connection can leave you feeling frustrated. Here are the top reasons why your internet speeds are so slow.

ISP Package

One of the most common reasons for poor internet speeds is reduced data from your ISP. Some internet plans have caps that will throttle your connection if you use too much data within a specified timeframe. Your maximum available speed depends on whether you have cable, fiber optics, or satellite.

If you’re experiencing slow internet, contact your ISP to ensure your account is in good standing. There could also be ongoing updates that impact your connection’s quality. Either way, finding a reliable provider with good support options will help improve your internet connection.

Ethernet Cable

If not correctly managed, connecting your setup to a local wireless network can cause disconnects and slower speeds. Ethernet cable can provide a more reliable connection, but only if you have the correct type. Cables come in different categories that determine their speed and reliability.

Ethernet cables should have enough throughput to work well with your existing devices. If your network is running slow even after installing Cat6 cable, for instance, it may come down to shielding, thickness, or length. Nearby electromagnetic signals or foul weather can also cause interference.

Faulty Equipment

Your network is only as good as the equipment you use. Your modem, router, and client devices can present speed limitations if they’re outdated or haven’t received the latest software patches. Hubs, switches, and gateways should all be monitored to ensure they operate correctly.

Your network equipment directly impacts the strength of your signal. You may need a wireless access point or repeater to get your Wi-Fi signal to work throughout your entire property. If you’re working on a computer, ensure the firewall has the correct settings and is letting legitimate traffic through the network.

A Better Network

Your internet connection speed depends mainly on your network setup and the equipment you’ve invested in. If you’re having internet trouble, consider contacting a professional installation service to ensure your equipment is correctly set up.

Knowing the top reasons your internet speeds are slow will enable you to make the necessary changes so you can stay connected with your digital services.


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