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Top Features Of Free Web Hosting


Top Features Of Free Web Hosting

The free web hosting services, as it is clear from the name itself, offer free of cost web hosting facilities. These services of web hosting can be used without paying anything. Using free website hosting services is the best way to go when you are slightly tight on your budget. This is also ideal when you are developing a personal website with the help of web hosting services in Delhi.

In this type of web hosting, the virtual server runs down on its own copy of VPS or web hosting software and OS and is allotted to the particular website and thus making a connection between the internet like public networks and the VPNs. The link is made with a certain number of mail accounts and a limited amount of bandwidth. The Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are generally characterized by the extension that the local private networking sites get on the internet. VPN servers help to host a number of websites together in a single physical storage host and also use virtual IP addressed that are accessible by various sub-domains. All of these facilities can be availed free of cost with the help of a few web hosting services in Delhi.

There are various features of free website hosting, and some of the features are mentioned below.

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One of the primary benefits of using free web hosting is that it is extremely cost-effective. These services are entirely free of cost and do not need any kind of paid subscription to enjoy their benefits. However, you should be aware that the specific policy and plan might vary from one server to another, and it is on you to select the hosting plan that best suits your needs. As the owner of the website, you will get free space on the server as well as a free domain name in order to use the site. You will also be able to make a global reach on the World Wide Web. However, if your purpose is typically commercial, then using a free hosting service maybe not very advantageous for you.

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Bandwidth and disk space:

With the help of an excellent free website hosting service provider, you will be able to get both bandwidth and disk space. The disk space means the amount f space for storage that your hosting provider offers you for free. You can use this provided space for storing the files of your website that might include text, audio as well as images. These are the files that you will be using for your website. Bandwidth means the amount of generated traffic on your website. It refers to the amount of the traffic that can access and leave your site. Access refers to the process when a user types the name of your website on a search engine. On the other hand, leaving refers to the process where a user receives something from your site, including an image file or an audio clip. In case your website has a high range of graphics, then you would need high amounts of space for storage as well as excellent quality bandwidth.


If you hire the right free website hosting providing services, then you will also be given mail facilities as well. You will be set up your own domain accounts. This will make your site look professional, and when you will be sending out emails from your business account, it would give you a more professional look as well. You should also make sure that the email service contacts SMTP and POP3 as well so that you can access your own domain with the help of your mobile as well.

FTP and Website creator:

If you are creating your first ever website and do not have much idea about how websites are created, then you should look for free website hosting services that would provide you with website creating templates. These templates come in a ready to use shape, and you can customize them according to your own requirements. You will be able to add images and other graphics to the templates and create your own website design with ease. With the help of File Transfer Protocol or FTP, you will be able to transfer the files of your website to your computer or perform the opposite task as well. This will help you to upload the finished files on your website server from your computer. Make sure your free website hosting service provider provides you with unlimited FTP access.

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These are the primary features of free website hosting services. When you are getting a free website hosting, make sure to check all these features are coming within the particular plan. There are various kinds of plans available in the market and make sure to do proper and thorough market research before selecting any particular package. Consider different options and then select the best for you.



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