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Top Eight Gamification Plugins For WordPress Sites


Gamification Plugins For WordPress

Why does Your WordPress site need Gamification? 

“Gamification” is a beneficial process that enables you to turn the routine operations of your website into thrilling errands. Cheers to the enormous WordPress community; this technology has become very common in recent years.

One of the best ways to fascinate and hearten your visitors to act and participate in your website is Gamification. It is accessible on various WordPress sites like blogs or general websites, online stores, job portals, questionnaire boards, social communities, and affiliate marketing dashboards.

You can use “gamification” on your WordPress site. But before that, you need to recognize what real Gamification is and how it can be helpful for your website.

According to research, Gamification can boost a website’s browsing time up to 30%

How can you adopt the game mechanism and apply them to your blog? 

Gamification, if appropriately used, can do more than you expect. The key to the correct use of gamified marketing is understanding the motivation behind the visitor’s behavior. By understanding your users’ incentives and desires, you can provide what they are looking for to motivate them to participate more.

Here is the list of best gamification plugins for your WordPress site: 

These are some of the best WordPress gamification plugins that you can use to improve the appearance of your blog or eCommerce website.

#1 myCred  

myCred is the most popular gamification plugin to turn your WordPress site into a visitor magnet and hook them with an engagement strategy. It is constantly evolving with more enhanced features and updates with new tools to be more easily obsessed with the website’s operation; whether it’s eCommerce or eLearning, you find myCred a superior gamification plugin.

myCred is genuinely adaptable and powered with an advanced point-based management tool that allows you to place an open contest and rewards application system for your users.

You can use different functions to supervise the user’s log and point system without any disinclination. For example, visitors can browse the website without difficulty verifying their earnings in a dedicated log dashboard. myCred include a thorough historical record of all points and rewards. In addition, users pay attention to their statistics, grades, badges, responsibilities, etc., through the dedicated dashboard.

#2 GamiPress 

GamiPress plugin is ingenious and one of the most influential and convenient WordPress gamification plugins. You will be allowed to incorporate a variety of exclusive gamification elements into your blog or eCommerce platforms.

For example, it consents visitors to add various badges and rewards to shoppers or participants for specific activities on their website. You can gamify your website in just a few proceedings by establishing marketing needs, clarifying achievements, and customizing evaluation options.

#3 BadgeOS 

BadgeOs plugin is grounded on the building of triumphs and badge rewards to improve user engagement and experience. In addition, the gamification system enables visitors to demonstrate their skills, completely different tasks, find digital medals and increase their knowledge.

In addition, you will allow a series of unique rating options so you can quickly determine a user’s rating level.

#4 CubePoints

CubePoints is a free WordPress plugin that enables website visitors to reward points based on their interaction with your website and marketing strategies.

After installing the plugin with CubePoints, you get various choices to limit how to display points or earned credits on your website. Cubepoint is super flexible and offers easy ways to visitors, so they earn and spend points.

#5 DeepMarkit

A DeepMarkit plugin is an excellent tool for getting more visitors. This plugin enables you to grow website traffic, thereby gaining a better ranking and earning more revenue.

In addition, this plugin will help you create a beautiful and exciting interactive eCommerce or marketing website. In this way, you will launch exclusive weekly and monthly, and annual events that can target more and more visitors.

#6 MoolaMojo

 MoolaMojo is a virtual points classification. Moolamojo is also the best choice to boost your website through Gamification and enticements. You can use this plugin to reward your user for their behavior. For example, it enables you to award virtual coins for different user-based tasks and activities. Now your customers collect virtual currency and sell for real money.

It integrates user levels based on their leaderboards, and you can also incorporate it with custom features and accessories. In addition, this plugin offers in-built integrations for standard plugins such as WooCommerce, etc.

#7 Captain Up

 The Captain Up plugin creates exciting levels, badges, credits, and leaderboard buttons for your website with just a few clicks. In addition, the plugin has many features because it enables users to customize badges and share them on their social networks.

Develop activities display over stirring widgets on your website, making your website look more attractive. Captain Up rewards users for taking specific actions to improve engagement rate.

#8 BePro Points

The BePro Points gamified plugin is powered by the same features when users earn points when participating in different activities.

You will have extensive control over the user’s points registration transaction, view, reduce, and add points to the user’s record. In addition, WordPress plugins will automatically start rewarding users with points in exchange for interaction with the WordPress website.


The bottom line If you want to increase engagement on your WordPress site and reward your trustworthy visitors, this is a great way to build a community around your industry. When people visit your store or website more often, they will become more involved in your strategy and prouder of their achievements. In addition, with the latest updates from Google, Penguin, and Panda, one of the metrics they use to rank websites is bounce rate and engagement, so the more you encourage this, the better it will be in Google’s ranking.


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