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Top Causes of Imposter Syndrome With Engineers


Some of the top causes of imposter syndrome with engineers are PCB-related, pluralistic ignorance, goals, and meshing personalities. A few ways to not feel like an imposter in your field are obtaining more training and certifications, being eager to learn, and being honest with yourself.

Never Built a PCB

It may be easy to get cast aside when you are an engineer if you have never built a PCB. However, if you wanted to delegate, you can outsource your work. Four reasons to outsource your PCB assembly are low cost, saving time, quality work, and quick turnaround time.

Pluralistic Ignorance

Pluralistic ignorance is caused by wanting to be identified as a part of the group your workaround. It is common to want to be accepted by your coworkers. Ensure that although you are cautious, you are still team bonding without letting personal beliefs and opinions get in the way.

Not Understanding Norms

If you feel rejected or anxious about anything with your team or coworkers, you may need to take a moment to understand the company norms and culture. Understanding norms can occur through team bonding, asking questions, and shadowing.

Personality Traits

When you are around many other people who are also high achievers with many accomplishments, there may be many different personality traits. So, allow yourself to feel everyone out without judging them. The personality does not matter, but the work and what you can learn from them does!


One of the top causes of imposter syndrome with engineers is their goals, which are always on their minds! When goals are all you think about, that means you will achieve them by any means necessary.

The mind racing about your goals could be making you miss out on the daily moments that matter with the people around you. However, by taking a step back and assessing these things realistically, you open the floodgates for endless possibilities!


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