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Top Advantages of Power BI



As we all know, Business intelligence is the key factor for becoming agile, effective, and competitive. The Power BI announces itself as a complete data analytics tool. Using the excellent service provided by BI, employees can easily create a simple visual representation and analyse data quickly. It is one of the best features of Power BI. You can easily convert data into understandable visuals and prove to be valuable for your company. The track record is a proof that Microsoft has come to the forefront with the preface of its effective analytics tool. It allows you to analyse their data and transform operations.

When your business reaches the point of growth and seeks out additional options, it becomes hard to organise data forge regularly. This forms a barrier for data-driven businesses that desire to harness their data for operating business decision-making. That’s why BI systems are adopted to a great extent. The operability of the Power BI site is very simple. It extracts the data from multiple sources together, and it intelligently gets converted into visually compelling data. You can use this data to make informed data-driven decisions. It consumes information on Power BI reports in the form of graphs, charts, snapshots, and other multimedia formats. Still confused? Read more about Power BI.

In this post, we’re going to list down the top advantages of Power BI. But before we start, we’ll revise what exactly is power BI. So without any further ado, let’s get down to work!

Definition of Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is an interactive business analytics and data visualisation product. It was developed by Microsoft to turn your unrelated data sources into coherent. Its main aim is to focus on business intelligence and build attractive dashboards. To create such products, it uses data from various sources.

In simple words, Power BI is a collection of connectors, software services, and applications. It collaborates with each other to turn your unrelated data sources into interactive insights. You can easily connect various sources for your data and discover what is more important. And share this data with anyone as per the requirements.

When you implement Power BI, you’re not required to add capital expenses or infrastructure support. It is free legacy software. So you can quickly visualise the business data and make better decisions. But have you ever asked yourself what makes Power BI so unique? It’s because:

  1. Allows you to access real-time information
  2. Highly-secure
  3. Cost-effective and affordable
  4. Offers artificial intelligence capabilities
  5. Build customised dashboards and reports easily

Let’s explore all the key benefits of power bi in detail:

Top 5 Advantages of Microsoft Power BI

1. Allows you to access real-time information

Real-time access!? Yes, you heard it right! It embeds Power BI dashboards and allows its users to update dashboards in real-time. You can also update visuals with the latest data sources. Using real-time streaming one can stream data and display it several times per day. This gives your team the ability to resolve issues in the least time possible. It can also manage time-sensitive data and identify opportunities for you. The visualisation feature of Power BI is a combination of your recent data and real-time data. This integrated data can be used for monitoring efficiency.

2. Highly-secure

As we all know, security is the key factor for every business out there. So Power BI offers plenty of security features to keep your system protected. It helps you to keep your personal information confidential. Using these features, you can meet various security and compliance standards. It takes the advantage of Cloud App Security features provided by Microsoft. So when you implement security features, it offers rich visibility, control over redefined analytics, and combat cyber threats.

The sensitivity labels feature of Power BI premium makes it easier for admins to notify consumers. They can identify what information is confidential and which data should be handled differently. Developers also take advantage of row-level security features. This feature helps you to create different roles for various Power BI users.

3. Cost-effective and affordable

If we compare analytics tools and business intelligence, the Power BI service is cost-effective. Even a medium sized firm or startup can afford it. You’ll get a range of versions to choose the one that suits your business. Depending on your requirements, you can access plenty of features and functionalities. You can get Power BI features for USD 9.99 or CAD 13/month which can be accessed by one user. Are you not willing to pay for it? Then you can also get the free version of Power BI Desktop. It allows you to report and interactive dashboards on your system.

4. Offers Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Advanced Power BI services possess AI capabilities that allow users to gain value and dive deeper into the data. They can create insights and identify trends that are hard to find. Apart from this, you’ll get more benefits from AI’s latest advances. It helps non-data sciences to generate data and design machine learning models. You’ll receive quick insights from any type of data including text and images.

5. Build customised dashboards and reports easily

Do you know why Power BI is popular and widely used by businesses? Because it allows you to create personalised dashboards as per your company’s requirements. It provides intuitive visualisations and a drag-and-drop feature. Using such functionalities, one can easily generate reports and produce powerful models.

Key Takeaway

Do you want to push your company to new limits? And make it stand out from the crowd? To do so, you can use the Power BI tool. It allows you to integrate your ERP system. Here we discussed the top 5 advantages of Power BI that can be a game-changer for your company’s competitiveness.

We hope you find this post helpful. It would be great for us if you share this post on Social media to reach more audiences. Feel free to approach in the comment section given below and ask your queries!

Happy reading!


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