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Top 10 Smart Wrist Bands to try out in 2021


Smart Wrist Bands to try out

Smart bands are no longer just a fashion item; they are becoming part of our everyday life. These bands keep a count on how many steps we have walked, what are our oxygen levels in the blood or our heart rate. Over all it serves as a guide on how we are keeping with our health, the exercises that we are doing – they are helping or not? On the whole it is a quick way to know if our fitness routine is helping or becoming counterproductive.

Not all smart bands have all these features and some of these are very expensive too. We are going to cover a mix of these in this article and you can choose on the basis of what features you are looking for and what your pocket might allow. All of these smart bands are easily available in all UK brands online and can be easily bought using a UK forwarding service.

1. MI Band 5

Priced at just Rs. 2.5k INR this smart band from MI is the most value for money band available in the market. The screen size is about 1.1 Inch which makes way for a good amoled display. It does have the heart rate monitoring feature which is great to have however on the down side, no GPS.

2. Redmi Smart Band

This is another good band with decent screen size of 1.08 inch which helps in easy reading. It does include the important feature o heart rate monitoring but again no GPS. Among the other good feature, it has a long batter life of almost 14+ days. Priced at Rs 1.6k this band is surely one of the cheapest on this list.

3. Fitbit Charge 4

If you are looking for GPS in a smart band then perhaps Fitbit is the right option for you. Among other features, this band has a built in sleep tracking but one needs to pay an extra $10 a month to use that feature. Battery life is good, it lasts almost a week with a single charge so no need to charge it every day. On the whole, priced at over 10k INR, this is slightly expensive.

4. Apple Watch series 6

Now, if you have money to spend and no less than Rs. 30k+ on a smart band that has feature that everyone else has but does not carry the all important logo – then you have got a winner. It will allow you access to the apple’s on-demand streaming service though and it does have the blood-oxygen checking and it does charges quicker.

5. Garmin Forerunner 745

This is one of those really premium bands with amazing features which will cost you a ton, that is about just under Rs 40k but the features can justify this pricing. It has a very accurate GPS tracking that can track well when you are running. It is waterproof, so if you are running or you are swimming it can have you covered.

6. Watch Active Samsung Galaxy

For the Samsung fans, Active – pretty much does all the basic things that one can expect in an INR 15k smart watch. It has in-built GPS and is pretty much water proof, does heart tracking as well. You can even charge this watch if you have a Samsung smart phone.

7. Wyze Smart Band

This is another of those large amoled display watch with basic functions and a cheap price tag. It does not have any of those advanced features but it can access other smart devices that you might have, Alexa for example. It does have a weeklong battery backup.

8. Goqii Vital 3

In the cheaper bands category this is a good one to have. If you are looking for just the heart rate and blood pressure and sleep checking then this band is good to have. One thing though, under the current health regime this unique feature of measuring of body temperature can be really huge! Not many bands have this feature and surely not in this range. The battery lasts about a week as well.

9. Honor Band 5

Slightly smaller at about 0.95 inch amoled display, this band has pretty much all the basic functions. Along with those it has a blood oxygen monitor and a scientific sleep checking, both really great features that is very difficult to find in this range. It has heart rate tracking as well and the sleep monitoring is better than what the competition allows.

10. Lenovo HW02 Plus

This is a very good looking smart band from Lenovo. It has all the basic features that is required like step counting, heart rate monitoring etc. This band is unique in a way that it is dust and scratch resistant. These features aren’t available easily and surely not in its range.

Staying fit can be fun with these handy gadgets and the stats they provide can help you understand your own health better. With the covid pandemic ongoing, there is one thing that we can be of certain that good health is the most important thing in life.


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