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Top 10 Countries with Highest Rate of Students Suicide


Countries with Highest Rate of Students Suicide

It has been said throughout history and in religious wordings. That if a person is dying before their time. Their soul will never be at peace. And that they will be much worse off if they have killed themselves or been murdering. Some countries have such high suicide rates that the deceased haunt the entire country. Anything that causing an unnatural death would leave an unhappy spirit wandering around for decades. If not centuries, according to certain folklore stories about people who are dubbed as the “un-dead” who come to torment the living due to the misery of their brief life. Here are some countries that have the highest suicide ratio…


Guyana tops the list of nations with the highest suicide rates. People in Guyana are confronting with depression, rape, poverty, chronic or incurable diseases or illnesses, a lack of skilled education, unemployment, civil war now. And then, family and social issues, unhappiness with oneself, and especially mental illnesses being a common thing amongst locals, but the most shocking reason which tops everything discussed thus far at why the rate of suicide has increased is the most shocking reason which tops everything discussed thus far at why the rate of suicide has increased.


According to Nepali police reports, there has been a staggering increase in the number of people committing suicide in Nepal. As a result of the devastating earthquakes that struck the country, causing around 965 people to take their own lives. Rather than being killed by one of nature’s most powerful forces. According to Nepalese police data, about 4000 individuals commit suicide each year. The majority of them are being motivated by natural catastrophes concerning or complaints, while the rest may be motivated by poverty.


Tanzania had the highest suicide rates, with 3420 suicides reported, the most of which were men and women, and the minority of which were children under the age of 18 years old. Some of the most noteworthy causes for these suicide. Maybe tracing back to young girls. And the social issues they experience daily, which, of course, cause high levels of stress.


A country with an Ak-47 on its flag declares that it is a war zone and that every man must be a soldier to be uncivilized in a civilized society. Because Mozambique is one of Africa’s poorest and least developed countries. It is destined to face a lashing of problems. And life-altering events that are leading to its final decision to commit suicide. In rural regions, for example, not everyone would have access to basic sanitation and would have to trek for kilometers to reach a river. Where they may catch Malaria and other water-borne diseases.


A society with strong beliefs and Indian family traditions is both powerful and terrible. Because of how rigid some of them are, it may push people to commit themselves. Making Suriname one of the countries with the highest suicide rates. Suriname is also an impoverished country, with residents struggling to make ends meet due to issues. Such as sexual exploitation, health, child labor, and a lack of education.

Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, and it’s not for the reasons you might think. 4000 individuals each year, or 11 people per day, are wiping their life from our planet. If this continues, an entire town may be wiped out in a month or two.

South Korea.

South Koreans, on the other hand, appear to be more intelligent, high-profiled, educated, and successful people who are more likely to commit suicide or simply flee their hometown, believing they will be able to escape their problems without realizing that their problems will follow them wherever they go in the world. This is the ‘not-so-intelligent segment of the South Korean population.


Suicide accounts for about 2% of all deaths in the tiny country. Because it is such a small country, with a population of 115,000 people. Even a single suicide has a huge impact on the rate.


Japan is one of the countries with the highest suicide rates, with a population of 126, 387, 171. Last year, 25 000 individuals committed suicide, more than three times the suicide rate in the United Kingdom. Not to be insensitive, but one 71-year-old Japanese guy had a pretty unusual method of ending his life. Actually ending it with a “fiery” escape by setting himself alight aboard Japan’s bullet train.


Kazakhstan is a nation that is somewhat ‘ghostly’ to the rest of the globe. It isn’t a name that comes to mind when thinking of countries in general. Yet suicide in Kazakhstan is one of the most tragic newsflashes that occurs. Kazakhstan is ranking among the tenth in the world’s countries with the highest suicide rates. The majority of these incidents may be linking back to similar concerns. Such as test failure and not being strong enough to endure public humiliation.

Reasons to suicide

People can’t know the reason for a suicidal person and even it is very difficult to know because no one knows what type of feelings they are handling. Sometimes, obvious warnings can alert people but these warnings only give thinking’s no surety. A person’s choice to commit suicide is frequently influencing by several variables. There can be many reasons why people commit suicide. Some of them are…

  • Mental illness is the main reason because sometimes people don’t even have to think or they didn’t make any plan. They just do it.
  • Stress is very bad for our lives. It can lead us to death even naturally or forcefully. Many people do commit suicide just because they can’t overcome the stress.
  • Stress is mostly found in students because of tensions from the institutes. And giving assignments, projects, exams pressure. Therefore, many students find a solution by asking for help and hire services like cheap reliable essay writing services for them.


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