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Tips for Charging Your Phone To Get the Maximum Battery Life


One of the first things in your smartphone that will start to decline in performance is the battery. Extending the lifespan of your Samsung smartphone, iPhone, or other smartphone is essential for ensuring your phone will last you many years. You’ll save money and get the most use out of it. Here, you’ll learn tips for charging your phone to maximize its battery life.

Skip Idle Charging

Idle charging is when you leave your phone on the charger all night. This seems like the best way to charge the device. However, having a continuous charge can cause the elements in the battery to diminish in stability. When your phone sits at 100 percent for an extended period, it leaves the battery at a high voltage level that causes excess heat. In turn, this can damage the battery in the long run.

Practice Partial Charging

You should charge your phone by doing partial charging segments throughout the day. Your phone performs best when it has around a 30- to 80-percent charge because the battery is at a lower voltage. Keeping it at a lower voltage can prolong its life. Practicing partial charging will increase the number of times you can charge your phone too. Conversely, leaving the phone at 100 percent every night will reduce the capacity for the number of charges your phone can complete.

Charging Cables and Phone Accessories

To ensure you’re using the right cables, you must use the cords that come with your phone. Using a cord not of the same brand could harm your phone and damage the battery life. So only use third-party chargers that the manufacturer approves for your phone. Additionally, you should remove some bulky phone cases before charging because they can cause excess heat, damaging the battery further.

Be mindful when charging your phone to get the maximum battery life. Falling into old habits like leaving your phone plugged in overnight will be detrimental to your smartphone’s lifespan later on. If your battery seems to be dying quicker than usual and your phone is still relatively new, talk with your phone provider or customer support from the brand to see what you can do to improve your phone’s quality.


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