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Expectations from iPhone 15 [Rumoured Specs, Leaks, & Release Date]


The revelation of the iPhone 15 release is just a matter of time as Apple launches a new iPhone model every year. However, the world looks forward to the exciting features and specs any new iPhone model brings. iPhone 15 is not an exception. Leaks and rumours have shown us some thrilling changes and more significant expectations from the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

For example, rumours are that Apple has finally accepted USB-C charging instead of its traditional Lightning port. On the other hand, iPhone users’ complaints about not-so-long-lasting batteries might vanish with the iPhone 15’s release. Apart from battery upgrades, we are more likely to encounter serious camera configuration changes.

However, Apple might continue the exact sizes for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14. iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, on the premium side, must feature the latest and most powerful 3nm Apple Bionic Chip along with a titanium frame. Let’s not make you wait any longer and start with all the rumoured specs, features, and more about iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 Design

iPhone Repair Dubai has researched and found out that all models under the iPhone 15 series will resemble the iPhone 14 models. However, there’s a twist: Apple will likely ditch the notch for iPhone 15 models. As you remember, Apple introduced Dynamic Island to iPhone 14 Pro models, and the iPhone 15 series will continue the legacy.

On the other hand, the sizes of iPhone 15 models will remain unchanged from what we noticed on iPhone 14. So, you can expect the following 4 sizes for different iPhone 15 models:

  • 6.1-inch iPhone 15
  • 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro
  • 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Max or Plus
  • 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple may not launch an iPhone 15 Mini since the Mini model was not that successful.

Are you excited about the iPhone 15 colours? As usual, the iPhone 15 lineup is in PRODUCT(RED) colour. In addition, several posts on Weibo have claimed that iPhone 15 models might be available in bright colours such as cyan, green, and pink.

Moreover, all iPhone 15 models are likely to adopt USB-C ports. However, some exclusive designs might appear on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max only. For instance, iPhone 15 Pro models might showcase thinner and more curved bezels compared to iPhone 14 models last year.

What’s More?

Apple may use titanium instead of stainless steel chassis for the Apple 15 Pro lineup. You might encounter a specialised Action button that will replace the silent switch. Reportedly, users can use the same Action button for different activities, such as enabling silent mode, turning on the flashlight, turning on the camera, etc.

Who doesn’t love the glossy glass back of iPhones? A change might appear to the back glass of the iPhone 15 lineup. An unconfirmed source has demanded that iPhone 15 models feature a frosted glass back. Earlier, Apple preserved the frosted glass back design for Pro models only.

Therefore, you may expect iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models to reveal themselves with frosted glass backs. However, the camera bump on the iPhone 15 series might come up with a new design. Rumours are that the iPhone 15 Pro Max can sport a brand-new periscope zoom lens.

According to some leaked iPhone 15 Pro cases, you can see cosmetic changes on the model as the volume and power buttons are slightly repositioned. Another report has claimed that some iPhone 15 models could showcase Thunderbolt connectivity via the USB-C port to enhance charging and data speed.

Regarding charging, Apple keeps the USB-C limitation intact, and iPhone 15 models will support only USB-C accessories certified by the MFi program. Now, this can be a bump for fast charging.

However, the iPhone 15 models will support the new Qi2 standard and MagSafe accessories for wireless charging. The entire iPhone 15 lineup also can’t render fast charging like Android smartphones.


The next thing under the radar among iPhone lovers is the upcoming iPhone 15 series display. As discussed earlier, you know that iPhone 15 models should be available in 2 standard display options. Both 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch iPhone models will sport OLED panels.

Another unconfirmed source has claimed that the primary iPhone 15 model can also come up with a 6.2-inch screen. Furthermore, leaks have tipped that iPhone 15 Pro Max models may sport a 2500-nit display. On the other hand, you may not expect to experience the ProMotion adaptive refresh rate with the release of the iPhone 15 model.

However, this technology arrived with the release of the iPhone 13 Pro. Still, the standard iPhone models may not showcase silky-smooth LTPO displays until 2025. This is disappointing for iPhone users since most Android smartphones are available with 60Hz and 10Hz displays.

Camera Updates

iPhone cameras have shown us that only bigger megapixels alone can’t pull off a great shot. So far, iPhone 14 Pro models were the first iOS devices to develop a 48MP camera in iPhone history. Will iPhone 15 models have bigger megapixels this time?

We are afraid that they won’t. Possibly, iPhone 15 models will feature the same 48MP cameras. You might also see a new three-stacked sensor to enhance light intake. Analysts from Nomura are pretty optimistic that standard iPhone 15 models may get Pro-resembling camera sets.

In other words, the main cameras will have 48MP lenses with an image sensor size of 1/1.5”. Another source has claimed that the iPhone 15 Pro will inherit the 1/1.28” sensor from the iPhone 14 Pro. Moreover, strong chances are there that iPhone 15 Pro Max models can feature a periscope camera to revamp zoom capabilities and long-range photography.

The so-called periscope technology might offer zoom capabilities and allow you to get up to 10x optical zoom. However, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that iPhone 15 Pro Max models will allow a 6x optical zoom after adopting the periscope lens. In contrast, the standard iPhone 15 model may showcase Wide and Ulta-Wide lenses.

The iPhone 15 Pro may also be limited to a standard zoom lens. Besides this, you can see potential upgrades for the iPhone 15 Pro’s LiDAR technology. We can expect better performance from those particular camera modes since Apple is investing increasingly in AR and VR technology.

A17 Bionic Chip

Likely, Apple will implement the A17 Bionic chipset for iPhone 15 Pro lineup models. The standard iPhone 15 series might have to be pleased with an advanced version of the A16 Bionic chipset, just like the iPhone 14 lineup.

In addition, sketchy rumours are revolving around the iPhone 15 Pro lineup. These models may get a mid-generation refresh to their A17 Bionic chipsets. This might indicate that Apple can tap into several suppliers, and that’s how iPhone 15 Pro models can get such a rumoured chip split.

 The new 3nm A17 Bionic chip might extend the existing processing performance up to 15 per cent. In addition, you can expect a reduction in power consumption by up to 35 per cent. Some sources say that iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will stick to 6GB RAM, whereas the Pro models will feature 8GB RAM.

Another rumour has turned down the 8GB RAM expectations since the beta release for tvOS. However, it suggests that Apple may not add extra RAM but include a sixth GPU core for boosted graphics performance.

iPhone 15 Battery

iPhone users can be glad as most rumours indicate that iPhone 15 models will sport bigger batteries this year. Last year, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models have been reported for unexpected life drops now and then. Reportedly, Apple could manage the power matter among the iPhone 15 lineup models by implementing a new stacked battery system.

Additionally, this can possibly bring some changes for faster charging in future iPhones. As usual, charging speeds for the basic iPhone 15 models may be limited to 20W capacity. However, experts assume that iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models could reindeer a charging capacity of up to 27W.

On a related note, rumours and leaks couldn’t hint about reverse wireless charging. Moreover, you can expect Qi2 wireless charging that matches MagSafe’s 15W charging speed. However, Apple’s new iOS beta revelations indicate we might receive new MagSafe products for enhanced wireless charging speed.


Already, Apple has released iOS 17 Public and Developer Beta options with a preview during WWDC 2023 in June. Therefore, we can expect the iOS 17 software to roll out when the iPhone 15 lineup is released.

iOS 17 preview has shown new features to be included in Messages. In addition, a new Journal app will appear for iOS 17 users, along with improvements to FaceTime and Phone apps. On the other hand, you can turn on the Standby mode on your iPhone 15 model, and the credit goes to the whole new iOS 17 innovation.

While charging, you can enable a clock in its landscape mode by turning on the Standby mode. However, Apple has not disclosed any new iPhone 15 features or changes in rolling out the iOS 17 software.


A Barclay analysis says that iPhone 15 models might introduce you to the Wi-Fi 6E technology in the iPhone universe. However, this Wi-Fi connectivity technology may be available only in Pro models. Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has backed up this information, as well.

Not to mention, Wi-Fi 6E provides faster connectivity, more bandwidth, enhanced capacity, and lower latency compared to Wi-Fi 6. So, you can expect the iPhone 15 models to support whole home gigabit coverage and multi-gigabit connectivity for bigger venues.

Another chance that Kuo has mentioned is that the iPhone 16 series can bring the latest Wi-Fi 7 technology. On a related note, implementing Wi-Fi 6E widens the opportunity for the iPhone 15 Pro lineup to be compatible with the Apple Vision Pro headset, AirTag, etc.

Additionally, Apple may add a next-generation Ultra Wideband chip to make iPhone 15 models integrated with the Apple Vision Pro headset. Apple may upgrade the chipset to 7nm for optimised energy consumption and elevated performance.

Like in previous years, Apple may use Qualcomm’s 5G modern chips for the iPhone 15 series. Some sources even indicate that Apple could launch its in-house modem chips. However, the technology might not be ready until the beginning of 2024.

Pricing & Release Date

Apple will likely raise the price tag for both iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. The basic models from the iPhone 15 lineup can experience a rise in pricing. According to rumours, iPhone 15 Pro models can start from $1,099.

Some analysts believe that the pricing of iPhone 15 Pro models can start at $1,199. IPhone 15 Pro Max models can be $200 more expensive than the iPhone 14 Pro Max models. However, you may get an entry-level iPhone 15 starting from $799.

As usual, Apple will reveal the iPhone 15 series during its September event. Apple may announce the release of the iPhone 15 lineup on September 12, 2023. Pre-orders should start from September 15, 2023, and be available by 22 September, 2023.

In Conclusion…

iPhone users have a lot of expectations from the iPhone 15 series. Additionally, they may get a better opportunity to get iPhone 15 models repaired. However, analysts are already looking beyond the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 sneak-peeks look promising too.

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