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Things To Know About SEO For Law Firms


SEO For Law Firms

With a poor law firm website design, keywords are not going to help you to get higher ranking in the search engines. The website design and the user experience are two of the most important facets that matter to the search engine. From attention-grabbing phrases, the focus has now shifted to valuable and useful information present on the websites. You might think that a bad website managing to get clicks of the visitors can still get higher ranking in the search engines as user experience has a huge impact on SEO. However, things are not going to shape up so easily as the search engine stays in track with the bounce rate that creates a negative impact on the searches. When more users click the back button immediately after viewing your law firm website, it results in higher bounce rates.   It is natural for website with high bounce rates to get low ranking in the search engines.

Things to know

The search engines record the duration of the stay of every visitor on the website and decide the page rank. You have to design a convincing website to compel more clients to stay for long hours as it impacts the SEO positively. For instance, your website navigation must be smooth, it must include content that is meaningful and valuable, and appear thoroughly professional. Apart from this, it must resolve the queries of the clients interactively, guide the visitors to the pages, the information that they are keener to view and make sure that the first page they come across must grab their attention immediately. Basically, the law firm website design must play with different ideas to draw the attention of the visitors to the first page or the home page. However, the clients must also find it easy to get to the subsequent pages that include meaningful information. Apart from this, adding a blog and updating is also going to improve the click rates.

Stay in track with coding

When it comes to SEO for law firms, it is not enough to improve the appearance and the function of the website, but it is equally important to stay in track with coding. Due to differences in the HTML code, the search engine can penalize the website when it cannot read the code properly. For instance, the title tags with short descriptions are ideal as they allow the search engines to know what the page contains to include it in the relevant queries. Similarly, the heading tags are also important as the search engines use them to make to make the content more specific according to the requirements of the users. Having a CMS is necessary to eliminate the barriers in the way of updating the code.

Search terms to target

What are the relevant search terms you want to target? You can start with about twenty in the beginning and think about the location where you offer your services and the area of your expertise before choosing the search terms. After this, you must try to find out some of the most relevant search terms and focus on two or three of them from the top. Usually, the targeted keywords are specific and longer. If you offer service in several locations and not just restrict yourself to one city, it serves a great opportunity to boost the ranking. Apart from this, you can create landing pages for each city with unique content on each page, and widget that shows the location. Showcasing the area of your practice on the landing page is significant.

With more good websites to which your site is linked, the better it is to establish a good rank for the website. The backlinks also include the reviews so you have to ask the clients to leave a review on the review sites that are specifically meant for the lawyers. You can research to find out the site where you are mostly reviewed along with the competitors.

Staying responsive

Whether it is custom law firm website design service you hire or otherwise, you cannot ignore the fact that mobile devices make up for a majority of searches. A designing website without keeping the mobile devices in mind steals the responsiveness and hamper your SEO as the search engines now penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly.

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