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The Great Invention of Beauty Nail Color


The invention of nail polish turned hands from functional body parts to gem like ornaments to show off. Nail polish as we realize it was invented in the 1920 with the introduction of nitrocellulose as an ingredient, but decorating nails wasn’t a brand-new concept. Mummified pharaohs were found to used henna on nails and Indian and African women dyed their fingertips with it.

The desire to make oneself beautiful is as old as time. The effect remains, but the ingredients have changed. Before nitrocellulose, women would either manicure their nails with powder or cream polish, which will be buffed onto nails with a fabric and gave a subtle pink finish.

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How is World War Connected to Nail Polishes?

But during World War I, the U.S. Got hold of German chemical patents and licensed them out to American companies, which resulted in a flourishing American chemical industry and led to the addition of nitrocellulose in nail polish. The lacquers were being produced like crazy in shades of light pink.

A rose color was also available for scandalous women. Now nails were starting to be seen as glamour and something to be fussed over. Polish progression – Darker shades slowly began to be accepted in the mainstream, which more than likely and unsurprisingly started in France. Madame Milles was the destination for a modern manicure.

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This was in the late 1920s, when the popular design was painting the center of the nail, leaving the moon and tips natural. Princess de Faucigny Lucinge became a trendsetter after painting her nails crimson. Soon, Hollywood stars and society women became more fearless in the colours they picked and opted for shocking crimson.

Others would kick it up a notch and add silver tips to red nails. For a short period of time around 1930, women wore black polish, but the trend faded out as more options were made available. There were now all sorts of red, blue, green, pearl, gold and silver polishes. For some more research use MyRepublic promo code for internet.

The Rise Of Nail Color Companies

Revlon soon became the leader in the cosmetics industry, alongside companies like Cutex, Avon, Elka, Blue Bird and Glazo. Overall, nail polish formulas were getting better the consistency, staying power and glossiness were improving, but a few ingredients in some of the lacquers caused problems. One of Revlons base coats reportedly ruined quite a few fingernails and even led to one amputation.

Other companies had problems with their polish causing allergy. Formaldehyde is still a key ingredient in most nail polishes today. Fashion’s influence – Fashion magazines insisted on having the right shade of polish for every activity and time of day, which led to more sales and women who worried if their new shade was socially acceptable. The idea for nail ornament appliqus took shape, but didnt materialize.

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New nail technology arrived in the 50s with nail wraps, hair spray being used to dry polish, split nails in repair with filter paper and adhesive and acrylic nails. Similarly, Sephora is one of the Makeup brands who first launched in Paris August 1969. And from then it became into a massive empire. Sephora promo code and discounts allow many beauty lovers to grab their favorite beauty products.

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