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The GOOD and BAD effects of automation


The GOOD and BAD effects of automation

Machines are around us, they are unavoidable and in fact desirable. Now automation is making them even more efficient in every aspect. Artificial intelligence is another factor to add amazing things in advancement. We humans are excited about this change. From smallest to biggest tasks, automation ensures ease for every activity we do. From a coffee maker to a big automatic machine in a factory, we have a mechanical work force to get what we want.

However, automation is something that also creates some concerns on whatever is happening in the human world. We need to see the good as well as bad effects that apply on our lives.

First of all you should know – What is automation?

In very simple words, automation is the use of machines that work automatically.

The Good Part – Feel happy about it

The GOOD and BAD effects of automation

Let us talk about the promising nature of automation that is making our lives better.

More productivity and also more product variety

The machines are better in delivering perfection. They can be modified according the change in demand. This brings more options of products with new features. The enhanced productivity of machines is working behind this. The end users have lucrative and abundant choices to make, they are in fact never in loss. The businesspersons are getting big profits. However, other economic factors are also important but they have efficient machines that give an uncompromised performance.

Growth of education sector that helps kids learn new things

The pace at which everything is changing is sure to leave its impact on the way the kids learn in the schools. If they have to prepare for the modern world out there, obviously their education needs to parallel the changing trend. All white-collar jobs are under the impact of change that has come through automation. This has tailored a lot the education sector too. Schools and colleges are getting technically advanced. Teachers are using tech tools for making lesson plans, planning classroom activities, keeping records of attendance and performance of the students, for instance – Twinkl AR App.

Borrow funds through a mix internet, artificial intelligence and automation

The terms like FinTech have come into picture to present a completely new form of finance industry. You now avail funds online without making your own physical presence or of your documents. 100% paperless procedures. Apply online; approval decision comes, if approved, funds reach to your account automatically. There is no one to come to your place to get the papers signed. From small text loans to mid-term 5 year loans, everything is in your 24×7 reach. You do not see the lender even for once and still things happen.

The bad effects – These are the reasons of worry

The GOOD and BAD effects of automation

Everything has its pros and cons and technology is not an exception. Let us now see where the automation is going bad in its role.

Taking jobs of their Human counterparts

Automation has turned the jobs into processes and this creating a big stress for those who are replaced by technology. It is much easier to maintain the technology than paying the employees. Besides, technology never gets ill, it never goes on strike, it has no excuses for incompetency, no never ever. The companies are sure to prefer technology than the human workforce to cut their costs hugely.

Grater difference between rich and poor

Obviously, those on the higher status with all the luxuries, bear no bad effect of automation. They are equipped with better financial and technological situations. A big change in the job sector is not a worry for them. Those who depend on the manual work, have chances to lose their jobs and thus feeding the monstrous gap of rich and poor.

Continuous need to learn new skills

Technology can change in every hour and creates better ways of doing things. This creates the need to learn new things every time. However, humans are not that fast or friendly to new changes. They attain skills and do practice to master them. Changing the skills again and again makes them act slow in the comparison to machines. This can be a good sign for the growth of technology but not for humans.


The above points show the two sides of a coin and you need to pay heed to both. The world needs to decide that up to which extent we need advancement and automation. If such advancement brings the threat to survival of people then this can be the call to destruction. A balance is needed to make technology work for us and stop it from dominating us.

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